Tips from a languages teacher: Spanish mini lesson n.1

Dear users, would you like to know some differences between Spanish variants? This will be the first of a mini lessons package about the Spanish difference between mainland Spain and Argentina. Do you know there is a more or less 30 percent of language differences between Spain and Argentina? In fact, each Spanish speaking country has its specific variant and even in the interior of the same country, variants multiply. The mini lessons will be taken in Spanish, as follows. 


Hola, ¿qué tal aprender un poco de variante castellana rioplatense? Vamos por la variante argentina, con exactitud. Empezamos por los sustantivos y por hoy con la nevera. ¿Sabían que en Argentina la nevera se llama heladera?

España: nevera

Argentina: heladera

Se parece con el portugués geladeira, ¿cierto? Seguramente, la razón se encuentra en la cercanía entre Argentina y Brasil.


Ps: image pixabay 100% copyright free

Re-ps: I first published a very similar lessons package in the platform


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