Waxsnails are coming

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 7 Apr 2024

Right this PFP kind of came from a joke but is all ready to drop tomorrow now the artist has been around for a while and has featured here a good few times he even created the advent calendar last year for my he goes by Trickycreations or Mike


Hey mike how's things?

Going great brother. Hope things are well with you.

I cant complain at the moment you have your very first PFP dropping in the coming days are you excited ?

It's not the first but the most work put into one 100% I had a PFP drop of 6000 Crazy Buffalos that sold completely out. It was one of the first and largest sell out of its time. Just after NFTHive launch its PFP creator. Skull Within 1 also had a very small Zombie PFP too. For the Snails though a ton of work went into it. Over 500 man hours. All options we're done from scratch. From a pencil sketch into the digital works you'll see in the drop. I'm a very, very excited about it. Nothing has ever been seen before all except for the creator collab shells are out of my brain. With the time put in it's a big deal for myself.

Where did Waxsnails come from lol?

Now here's a funny story. It's all your fault. I drew a snail picture just playing around post my goofy creations. You chimed in on a comment. I believe it was "When PFP." This was in late Feb. I believe. Something about this just seemed sooo right. It needed to be done at that point. Anyone who gets a Snail and joins the gang has you to thank 100%.


These are all hand drawn how long have you been working on them?

I have been working on them for over 2 months now. I very much looked as these as a full time job. I wanted them to be special. If nothing else to know that I did everything I could to bring a great project that I was proud of. On the business side of things I have to somewhat keep track of my hours. Its been along time since I spent over 500 hours on an art project. I've filled one full 300 page sketch book with all the concept art. This is what I love to do so it wasn't work. Not like I imagine people would think anyway.

How many traits will feature in the project?

There are 13 different attributes. Each with at least 20 different options. Most with 40+. These also include shell with logo and personal drawings from some great projects in the #WAXFAM.

How many other Wax projects feature in the project?

There are 17 Projects that have shell options. They include... YOU . Weirdos on WAX(Dagga), Vulnerability Agents, WAX Paperfold NFTs, Consumer Break, NFTopia, WAX Wolves, Go Parel, Pen Arts, Rare Rugg Apes, WAX Hooligans, Squish Eyez, Pixels & Dungeons, UwU, NFT Book Vault, Tene Infernum, NFT Hive and Muenstervision. I'm proud that soo many decided to join in and joining communities that I didn't know about has been a great part of this project.

How many Waxsnails will be available?

There will be 5000 available for this drop. Each priced at 50 WAX. As something else special and in my effort to include more and more WAX projects. I'm allowing them to be purchased with over 20 different tokens. Tokens like LEEF, WXBOOTY, HONEY and many many more. I thought this was a unique way to allow more people the opportunity for a Snail and help tokens for a moment give some more utility.

What programs did you use to create them?

This is a simple question. Everything was drawn in my sketch book. Then a photo of that was taken into a FREE painting program. It's called Krita. Everything you'll see in the project was created in there. Except some of the other creator shells of course. Some made their own and I did not ask what they used. I made most and with my normal process.


Is there many rarities?

The nostril and eye stem accessories are the most limited. I did set rarity levels for things like the shirts and shells. Some higher than others and at the end of these questions I'll send you a bunch of screenshots, sketches, and mockups for your readers to look through.


When does it go live?

Its dropping this Monday at 1:53p CST. Why the weird time you ask? We'll this is the exact that the eclipse passes over me here at Tricky Creations HQ. Just seemed right at at the time I decided to drop it then, it gave me a hard date of 2 months to get the project done.

Where will they be available to buy?

They will be available on on NFT Hive. The drop link for your readers is: https://nfthive.io/drop/8454

Is there any ones that stuck out for you?

I made some very interesting shell designs. Most won't be expected and that was my way of introducing my humor into the project. The one that I want? That's tough. One with a bone earing and and the stereo shell. If I had to say. But, very hard choice for me.

Are you working on any other stuff at the moment?

Oh man, tons of stuff. With the rewards for the Snails and I actually started drawing work for Edition 2 as well with completely different options. The biggest thing that is going on is an idea for a Snail Racing Game. It's very early stages on this one. But, I'm super excited about the prospects. More to come on that as I dev the layout.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks Crackers. I hope people enjoy the 1 of 1 giveaway and always look forward to talking with you more. Your in charge of getting collections in for Edition 2


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