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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 1 May 2022

This is my third chat with Victor from Starcards NFTs and each time we chat he likes to provide me with news about the project and what the have coming up and today we are chatting about there new drop what they have planned for the 3rd of May he also tells something big that they have planned in the pipeline but Il let you read on to find out. If you have missed any of are other chats Il drop the links at the bottom .


Hey crackers! Shall we?

We shall.

Alright my friend! Lets do this!

How's things?

Everything is great Crackers! We are preparing for our next Pack launch Starquest 2k on May 3rd, how about you?

Busy busy busy as always are chats are becoming regular monthly chats.

Beautiful, we can see your audience has grown since our last chat. We are excited to be interviewed by you again!

Happily its always a pleasure and trying to build up the audience so artist get seen . I am guessing you guys have been working on something exciting for us to chat about so lets get into.

Yes! We have! After our last pack launch DYSTOPIA and UTOPIA SOLD OUT in February we had been busy too creating something new and fresh for collectors! Dystopia is a success, it has engaged the community in a new way of collecting NFTs with our New Claimable Chips System.

Oh so is this something brand new or continuing from the last packs?

we are going to continue the Dystopia Collection with Starquest 2k Packs. The claiming system will go on but with new NFTs. Starquest is something we (Starcards Crypto) created in early 2021 when we were just a Free NFTs project only. Starquest is a different way of earning NFTs, and we did this again in 2022, rewarding people who participate with NFTs that will be blended into a Free Starquest 2k pack down the line!


This is the reward for participating, the 3D Spice NFT.

Oh wow and will this be hard to achieve?

Nope, it’s super easy to win these NFTs! Just answer the forms we have been releasing the past few weeks and u should get a Spice NFT to blend the Free pack! We love to reward our Collectors and to keep them engaged!

Oh brilliant . So what do you have coming in the new packs?

So Starquest 2k Packs are the conclusion of the Dystopia Collection, having arts related to the Special Lore Starcards has created and published for the past few weeks. Starquest 2k will be divided into 2 types of Packs, such as Dystopia and Utopia in February. The cool thing is it doesn’t require any Whitelist for this launch, we want to on-board new collectors! 🤘🏻

Here are the packs:


This is the Starquest: Dystopia Pack

Darker NFTs, related to the Starquest Lore.

100 packs will be Sold, containing 5 NFTs each.

Each for $10.

And this is the Starquest: Utopia Pack

More colourful arts, all related to the Starquest Lore.

Same numbers as the Dystopia Version!


So can you reminds how many cards will be in the pack and how many will there be to collect?

There will be 18 new arts, some animated and some aren’t!

9 from Dystopia and 9 from Utopia

Here are my favourites!


The Baron (preview)


Hello, friend (Preview)

How many in each pack?

So there will be 5 NFTs in each pack!

And will there be rarity's?


Yes there will be a few!

We have some very special NFTs to drop in the packs, those are the Apes, the homage we did for the Bored Ape NFT project. 🙈

Any sneak pics?


This is the “Truly Millionaire” Ape rarity that will be available in the Dystopia version!

And this is “Am I Now a Millionaire?”


Wow they are class will there different version in each pack?

Yes! Each pack will have an Ape version!

Is there any collabs involved in the packs?

We are currently looking working on a collab with TheBigBen! But it won’t be featured in the packs! It will be featured in the post launch season of Starquest and only available to Starquest NFT collectors!

Ah so what will each pack cost?

We will have 100 packs for $10 each!

100 Dystopia Packs

And 100 Utopia Packs

That was my next question lol.

I got you! 🤣 Let me show you my favourite Utopia art?

Of course.


This is Ethereal Madness, one of the Newest arts to be featured in the packs! It was also revealed with a Song

Here’s the song, give it a listen! It’s part of the Starquest Lore!



That's very airy I like it who did the music?

I also play the guitar and vocals on the track. I love art! Starcards has also plans to launch a NFT Music only collection. But it’s still in the works!

Ah I see musically NFTs are getting bigger on wax?

Yes, it couldn’t be any different. We need to recognize the artists, there is so much talent out there! Starcards has been in the Wax space since October 2020, and in 2021 we launched the first Music NFT as our main theme, is part of the Ruptura Collection Promo material we released. We are old in NFTs, and always trying to innovate!

Of course now last time we talked you sad you were working on something you couldn't talk about yet ?

Oh yes! Great question! So we have more info we can disclose about it, but since January a team of 3 Developers have joined Starcards to help and develop something big. Still hasn’t an expected date to launch, but it will be big. A NFT Game, for real.

Oh what other details can tell us at the moment?

Besides Music NFTs, the Game, we also have our Merch store coming live soon and a New Mainly FREE NFT Collection coming to WAX. It’s being built under the Unity Engine, and the economy behind is being well thought thinking about the longevity of the project. As gaming Design is something I’ve always wanted to do, is like a dream come true to me.

Can you say what kind of game?

Play to Earn. That’s it, Rob is going to kill me if I keep spilling the beans

Oh fine lets blame Rob lol . Anything you want to share?

I think Starquest has been the collection where I could give attention to all kinds of arts. Starquest is rich in it’s Lore where I have created based upon the Frank Herberts Dune lore and also could put my desire and love for music into action. Starquest is great and cannot wait to share with our collectors!

Here’s one chapter of Starquest 2000:


Is there anything else you would like to cover before we finish up?

I just want to thank the community that has been great throughout the years that Starcards has been minting NFTs on WAX and also a big thank you for the interview! Always a pleasure to chat and to share my art with the best channel of interviews! We are going to giveaway your readers a chance to win a Starquest 2k Pack!

Good luck folks!

Brilliant as always its a pleasure to be able to tell the community what's coming next for STARCARDS and from what you have said today it will just get more exciting!

Can’t wait to talk again! See you all on May 3rd, Starquest 2k Launch!

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