Recap of the first week of the advent Calendar

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 12 Dec 2022

So the first week of the NFT advent calendar has passed and I thought it would be rude not to show the case the artists work who have dropped NFTs this week for it please I think its a reminder to everyone that FOMO is really lol so this week we have dropped ten different NFTs to 77 different wallets .


This was brought to you by Drawn company and his office team Ron loves to empty his lol . You can actually buy this on the second hand market ranging from 8 wax to 34 wax

You can check Drawn company out on Twitter

Or Discord

Or his website

His NFTs are available to buy here


Day 2 came with a bit of a scary brought to you by Terror cards it was a pack Il be honest I still haven't opened it as I love the design and the artist has actually asked to make it into a stand alone NFT . There is a few on the Market to buy ranging from 44 Wax to 77 Wax can be bought here

If you want to keep up with Terror cards check out his Twitter here

If you want to buy his NFTs you can pick them up


This was the second drop of the day coming from Huddo as he is an Aussie we got a Santa riding the waves if you want to pick this up its going from 2.9Wax to 25 Wax

This artist does all different types of NFTs you can check him out on Twitter here

If you want to check out more of his work


Day 3 was another double drop day the first one sent what can I say about these guys love and there work its there second year featuring this team is an Aussie based team and is not the only Aussies in here two more to come . There is a few on the market going from 15 Wax to 34 Wax check them out here

If you want to give them a follow check there Twitter here

And if you want to check more of there work check the link below


This was the second one dropped on day 3 and it was from The Online Inn the man is a legend not only is he creating he streams and even gives artists a home on his Discord channel this little gem is available from 9 wax up to 34 Wax

If you want to keep up with the artist check out his Twitter and Discord

If you want to check out more of his work click the link below

Day 4 came with another double drop with Muenstervision coming in strong with banger of a tune if you don't know him you are missing out he is one of the few rappers that is creating on Wax . If your looking to get this you can pick it up from about 9 Wax to 35 Wax .

You can keep up with him on his Twitter account

If you want to pick up or check out his work


Day 5 came with this beautiful drawing which was created by kylin creations which is quite new on the NFT scene but is creating amazing pieces if you would like to pick this piece up its going between 5 Wax and 25 Wax

If you want to give them a follow and keep up with there project check out there Twitter

And if you to check out more of there work


Day 6 came with a bit of a arrrgh as we had a Pirates of The Degen wish us a Merry Christmas now this are creating NFTs but also big streams who have streamed for over 24 hours at one point this year . If you would like to pick this up its going from 10 Wax up to 48 Wax and it might be stakable in the future

Check out there Twitter to keep up with the project

And if you want to check there collection check the link below


Day 7 might be a little NFT but he is a really cool one he came Toad from Funmangalaxy who recently had a hack and lost a lot of his NFTs but he is back he also has a game on telegram if you want to pick up this little gem he is going for between 8 Wax and 17 Wax

If you want to check him out he is on Twitter and Telegram

And his Telegram

If you to check out his collection

So guys this was your first week of drops oh the winner of the draw was drawn on the NFT circus which was for 5000 MORBS

I hope you lot are enjoy the drops because I am there has been some amazing drop and so many more to come .



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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

This is a series where I chat to different artists in the NFT world

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