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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 6 Jan 2023

Well I chatted to the team recently and dropped an article on the 28th of last month all about the back ground of the project you can check it out below.

But after I had dropped the article I decided to check the game out and jumped in but I tired the p.c version but then after a day I download the android version and I tired to log in with my Wax account I will admit that there was a little problem that I couldn't access my account so I had to access on my mobile for the first few days on my Brave browser I am now logged into the App version and I am massively impressed the have done amazing job .


One think I love is the fact that one of the first screens you see as the game loads in is the fact they just want to play the game your way whether its P2W or play for fun I love that . So let me be honest I have invested around a 100 Wax which got me these three NFTs which have helped me along the way .


So you start by picking a location to place your headquarters which you need to level up to create to locations for you to more buildings now it only goes up to level 5 giving you a maximum of four extra spaces which added to four basic ones you get for placing the headquarters gives you eight spaces in total to build around your headquarters but saying that there is only eight buildings in total to choose from.


Each have different uses but the most important one for me anyway is the storage that becomes key as you process like all games as you upgrade the price to upgrade . Housing is key for helpers and soldiers and others one thing I will add that you do start of with the workers NFT in the game I have added the soldiers NFT myself which has come in handy for mission .

Buildings Maximum Levels and uses

  • Headquarters level 5

    Provides extra spaces for you to build

  • Factory level 12

    Generates Resources

  • Storage Vault level 12

    This is where you hold your resources so the higher the level the more you hold

  • Housing level 12

    Holds your helpers

  • Training Facility level 3

    Where you create your helpers

Transport Depot level 3

This one is where you will earn your most resources from 




  • Truck which gathers resources but fills up quite quick but can be upgrade to level10

  • Plane is used to earn Titanium which is used for the Technology Centre and for researching in the Technology Centre


  • Boat is the last one and this a game of chance to be honest where you can earn anything my latest win was after numerous unlucky draws .


  • Research Lab level 5

    Is where you can do research into helping you with everything in the game from speeding up your helpers and even max out your storage more or even cheapen your building costs

  • Technology Centre level 5

    Can be very expensive and have not used it much only to unlock the plasma tools on the next level you have to spend RLM to unlock it

So you start off in Africa at the start off the game and you will have two low missions and two daily challenges which are vey hard starting off and Il admit that even now I cant finish them as each time after fail for you try to the mission it costs RLM which is the in game currency which you can spend on lots of other things in game also you can also buy NFTs which can help you earn RLM .


Here you can see that in Africa I have only one in at the moment but my second in is in Asia which you unlock at level 5 there is a total of 5 to unlock which include Europe and Asia and four others they unlock every 5 levels . On each level you can assign a leader that you can earn TLM on at the moment 0.657 per hour I have earned over 200 but spent 50 opening up Asia you can also earn RLM sometimes from missions .


As you process and level up your leaders you can bring more helpers to each missions the above shows my chances of completing a daily challenge and currently I am still way to weak to complete them but I can still complete the other mission which you can earn rewards from .


Depending on the level of the mission can depend on the length of time it will take how to complete also your rewards . Now I will have to say I am really enjoying this game and I am really thinking of investing a little more Wax but as I am earning a RLM and there is a store online in the game that you can buy NFTs directly I might just keep earning and saving and buy from there in the future.


There is a selection of NFTs you can buy the only think you cant buy in there is leaders which is a shame to buy a new helper card is 4000RLM which works out about 40 Wax I got this value on the Taco swap app.


So this ranking at the moment and how much share of the pool I will earn when I first logged in on season 6 I was ranked 70oth and in a week I have now jumped by over 300 hundred places season6 ends on the 29nd of this month hoping to keep climbing the leader board. I am enjoying this game and I hope this short explanation of the game will and hopefully convince you to play the game too the competition I opened when I did the interview I will let run till Monday to give you a chance to enter.







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