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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 1 Mar 2023

I have been chatting to this artist for over 1and a half years I was involved in his one year birthday party which had lots of giveaways and competitions with other artist but we thought it was time to give an update about his project and his telegram games .


Hey man

Hey bro. Good day!

How's things?

All good mate and you?

I am good man . How's the project coming along?

PixelTycoons is flourishing day by day! Since our last interview, the user base increased from 3 to 4x due to the release of the Game UIs. My life as a creator improved drastically with the dropping of the Human Contract Job that was inherent to the under development of the collection! So all in all, PixelTycoons has improved drastically on every sense since our last interview!

Oh wow your community has jumped . What did the Game UIs change?

The UIs changed my lifestyle entirely, but also the quality of the User Experience while interacting with PixelTycoons Games. Before the UIs, any game interaction required users to request their game actions on a public telegram room, while providing the necessary data, so that i could then review each of the requests along with all requirements that each of those game actions entail. So basically, anything that happened in the games back then had to be reviewed and executed by me, much like a Game Master would do in a Dungeons and Dragons context. That was indeed a very tiring job, which involved not just looking at innumerous transactions, as well making any calculations based on the game mechanics, rolling dices to represent RNG and finally deliver all the respective game rewards manually! So the UIs took all my work out of the equation, while each of the games has a telegram bot that handles all those aspects autonomously. On the User Experience Side, it became much more friendly, as they don't have to wait for my availability, and all the game interaction is done by triggering simple bot commands.

Oh so it works out for a more stable game?

So far it has worked! Most of our games are non custodial, which allows users to benefit from holding/using the game keys + potential ingredients that enable producing of rarer NFT forms!

Because it has freed up more time for you for creating have you added more games or challenges?

I did added new features to all the games, and all of them are undergoing upgrades at this right moment! Once all of them have been updated with new and fresh content, there will be an onslaught of development which will increase the game count of Pixeltycoons from 4 to 25, by the end of this year. This may seem quite ambitious for such a tiny team as pixeltycoons, but as a creator and recently, developer too, I confidently say that the worse part in the learning curve is past behind us, and that I can already express most of the realities i want manifested and executed in each of the games

What's games are available to play at the moment?

Let me make you a walkthrough!

Currently we have the Farming Game, which hasn't changed much since its inception but will have a permaculture update REAL REAL soon!

Then we have the Curious Collector which is by far the most complex game on every sense, but also very rewarding. This one was the last one to become totally autonomous, and it was the one who received the last Major Update that turned it into a custodial game in order to pursue a bigger scalability for the future.

The third major game is the Magic Guild which is among the easiest to play/interact with. It involves training magic creatures and upgrading them into higher forms that can participate in monthly tournaments.

The last game to be added to the list is the Koala Savings game which features one of my favorite collections on wax, called Smellykoalas. I am sure you know the collection! This is the only game that is somehow connected with GameFi. Currently the main rewards of this game have been distributed, but players can still try their luck into getting free utility NFTs, every hour, if they hold a LP of WAX/KCHAT.

About what games will come next I can't speak of right now, but for anyone who knows the collection minimally, it is somewhat easy to predict what will come next on this collection of Tycoons!

Oh a Tycoons game that lead to many different avenues any hints?

Yes, PixelTycoons collection is not just one game, but rather many games that together will weave a whole reality. Currently the games can't communicate with each other, so, some of the features involve users to leave telegram and use interfaces like AH for transferring NFTs, but eventually the ability to pass value from one of the games to the other will be available. Also the plan is not to have exclusive Telegram NFT games, but rather having the same games available in multiple platforms with the same results everywhere. In a way that the user can choose what best fits them. Using a web interface for a more graphic experience, or using discord or telegram for a mobile experience on the go. This may take a while unless I manage to find competent people to work with me, but I am sure destiny will point that people out to me, and if not, I will do it all on my own like I did with most of what there is. Anyway, for anyone interested in learning about the collection, there is a good place to do so!


And are you still creating new NFTs for the project?

Sure thing. The most recent released were 1/1 NFTs that are part of Pixeltycoons lore. There will be much more NFTs being released where a couple of them will be game keys sold by the collection, while the majority of future releases will be NFTs that the users can craft on their own by playing our games.

I am guessing the art style hasn't changed from pixel lol

I think we won't ever leave the pixel theme as it is ingrained in the collection name forever and I think I may have improved slightly as a visual artist, but it isn't definitely what I can do best in the NFT space hahaha

And can I ask what is the best thing you can do?

Basically I handled every single aspect that is related to making a NFT game, managing collection resources and community and much more, so where PixelTycoons is succeeding, it is most likely where I am good at. But if I would have to chose two traits to promote myself on this occasion I would choose thinking outside the box and working my ass off non stop! The first is quite self explanatory, and the second allows manifesting/learning everything else : )

When is the next drop?

Next drop will either be a DUST enhancer, the first of the collection, or a KCHAT community drop!

Oh nice do you know when they will be dropping or you still in talks?

I am finishing the artwork and then I will submit it. I am unsure of how long it could take until release. Also I am taking the time to do it properly because there is simply no way that a PT enhancer will only be a enhancer. It will definitely have another utility in pixeltycoons games : )

Is there any other collabs coming up ?

There is the intention to make more collabs with other pixel artists from the space, but as of now there is not much planned because my main focus is updating all existing games so that I can start creating new ones. After this updating phase, there will definitely be more room for collaborations.

Is there anything else you want to share with us today?

Sure thing! I would like to share 2 NFTs to be raffled in celebration of this interview and 500 KCHAT tokens! Both of the NFTs can only be obtained by crafting/blending! 1 Daring Collector and a Stash! They are the most desired game keys in the Collector Adventure. What do you think about this?

That sounds brilliant bro thank you .

If you want to find more details out check his links below



The project gitbook contains links to the most important information -->

Daring Collector -->

Stash NFT -->

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