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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 29 Nov 2022

Where do I start this guy is such a gentleman and his project is cool and even had a run in with my favorite friend if you know you know lol he is creating something really cool and he is actually on here to @Nethrim.

if you want to read his white paper check out


Now lets see what the man has to say about himself and his project




How you ?

I'm doing well! Yourself?

What got you into crypto?

Definitely Bitcoin. I learned about it by chance while reading tech articles on IEEE's website. They have an online magazine of sorts called Spectrum, I think? Anyway, I saw an article talking about this decentralized crypto currency and it blew my mind! This was way at the beginning of it all, I think it was trading at around $250 for a coin at the time. I should be rich haha! For me though it was more about the tech and what it meant for the world. I was very anarchist back then, intellectually. I knew the system was corrupt and that banks pretty much controlled the world somehow. The only thing that gave me hope was the internet really, so crypto was like new fuel to that fire and I've been passionate ever since. Our species has a real chance to take hold of our destiny now and I think it's beautiful.

How did you get discover NFTs?

The acronym NFT started popping up on my radar about 2 years ago. Life was crazy then so I didn't dive into what they were until just over a year ago, at that point it was impossible to ignore. I started exploring and quickly learned of the issues with Ethereum gas prices. I can't remember how exactly I heard of WAX but once I read up on it I quickly realized I had to be a part of it.

What is the idea behind your project?

It started out as a simple idea to add some fun to the tedious click-mining process of Galactic123. If you own a planet there you get a percentage of all mining activity so I thought I'd try maximizing that by incentivizing miners to spend their time mining for me. I had a desert theme planet so I made Spice NFTs(I'm a big Dune fan haha) that could be blended into Melange and then blended into limited mint animated pixel art like the Spice Hookah. I expanded with some more planets and created Notum NFTs which are from Funcom's 'Anarchy Online' and Parts NFTs which incorporate lore from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Two other sci-fi experiences that are dear to me. Since I was giving these NFTs away for free I never felt threatened by IP rights and have been fearlessly paying homage to my favorite sci-fi themes. To me they all exist in this universe and are the building blocks to my personal style which will blossom as I continue my journey through web3 and the metaverse.

My three base materials users earn from mining.

My three base materials users earn from mining.

With all that said I have now dubbed my project as the first Mining Guild of the Metaverse. I plan to infiltrate and set up the guild in various games/projects that offer a suitable mining experience and along with me I'll have a group of intelligent, hardworking individuals to reap profits with! My next big hurdle is to set up a website and create a DAO.

When did launch?

Definitely sometime late October or early November last year.

What was the first NFT you launched?


First NFT I dropped was Spice but It wasn't technically a drop. I manually sent them to Galactic123 players that mined my planet. For every 34 digs they earned 1 Spice NFT that I payed out every Friday.

How did the community react?

The reaction was I became the most popular planet to dig in the game. I had to create a maximum because there was so much digging happening, then eventually I had so many digs on my planet the log book would crash and I could no longer count digs lol. This was when everyone was trying to save up to blend the Spice Hookah nft which has long been minted out of stock

How many NFTs have you dropped so far?

I'm not real big on dropping NFTs, instead I distribute the blend materials to miners and the bulk of my NFTs are then created through the blending process. I do have the "Airdrop Pack" which I drop for a modest price to help with RAM/CPU costs.

When the next drop ? Sneak peak ?
I'm busy building a mining operation in Dark Galaxies so I have not been creating much art. It is now possible to aquire my NFTs there for mining my planets. Once I'm all set up there I plan to create the Hitchhiker's Towel blend. I'm really excited for this one and hope to collaborate with my existing partner projects plus some new ones. No sneak peeks unfortunately!

What is the process of making your NFTs?
Everything in my project is gamified to some degree so I first have an idea. Like some way to make a process fun or rewarding that is otherwise boring/tedious. Then I start getting creative. I also brainstorm in group chat so everyone can contribute their ideas.

What programs you use for creation?
I use Pixel Studio from my android smartphone for the art/animation.

How long this each NFT take to create?
It depends, when I have a good workspace I can get into my flow and get one done in a day or two. Recently though I've been in-between places so I don't get much dedicated time to the creative process. My last couple NFTs took between 1 and 2 months haha.. but they came out looking great!

What is your favorite NFT you have made? Why?


It's hard to choose! I really love the Spice Hookah, it was my first low mint reward NFT, I put a lot of work into it. Then the Improbability Compass whichismy first complex blend because it's so mesmerizing to look at.

Have you done any collabs?
Yes, I try to collaborate with all my blends if I can. The Spice Hive & Spice Wasp give game utility in Galactic123c plus they unlock a special drop in Funmangalaxy, the Queen Bee. If you hold all three you can claim a blend ingredient called Spiced Honey there aswell. The Spiced Honey will be used in future blends for consumable(burn) NFTs that will reward my KASH token when "consumed".


The Improbability Compass also gives utility in Galactic123.com and will have some future utility in Funmangalaxy such as an exclusive pack drop.My most notable collaboration however, was my Dust Enhancer with the Magic Dust collection, the Dust Wyrm.


It sold out in a month! It has utility in Galactic123 as a mining tool for dust and also enhances Dust rewards chatting in Dust mine groups on telegram, as they all do.

Who would be your dream collab?
Honestly, because this project is a mining guild and I've just finished incorporating mining my nfts into their game, Dark Galaxies. If they'd collaborate with me in any way that would be amazing. However, if we are really dreaming here then Funcom would be high in my imagination. They are a game company currently working on Dune: Awakening, a MMO Survival game(not a blockchain/nft game). I hope to see what is possible for bringing a WAX based mining guild into something like that. Plus I really love Dune! ^^

Are you a collector of NFTs?
Sure, aren't we all? I'm definitely not much of an investor but I enjoy collecting NFTs that have to be earned. I mostly carry NFTs from the growing projects I work around in WAX. My favorites are mint #1's and #42's.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

By far it's been the opportunity to meet and get to know so many good people in this space. Watching everyone grow and learn along side me has been really eye opening. We got gamers, investors, programmers, so many awesome artists of all kinds and are all working together to build a home within a blockchains. It's really amazing to me.


What has been the hardest part?

NFTs came to me at a pretty chaotic time for me. I was needing to make some big changes and it was a cycle I've been through before, it always seems to happen when I find something I'm passionate about! Haha So the toughest part has been balancing and adapting my life to fit my project. Also to create space in my reality to ensure I can sustain this project without fear of biting off more than I can chew, so to speak. I stopped driving(no gas, insurance &vehicle loans), I just ride a bike or use public transport now. I walked away from my career path in construction/skilled trades for a simple kitchen job. I moved to a city and just rent a room, found my job in biking distance. Then I basically cut out all unnecessary spending and distractions so I can free up my income & time. Life is pretty easy now to be honest.

What's the long-term goal of the project?

Long-term is the keyword for me. I'm envisioning a project that is more like a guild so I want it to be a place full of experienced and knowledgeable people... or aliens, spirits, AI, whatever you are your welcome. The metaverse knows no boundaries lol Anyway... it takes time and many skill sets for a guild to succeed. My collection is a testing bed for all the ideas that can make a guild function autonomously and I'm only now starting to see how these things might be possible. Ranking systems, community bounty boards, equipment loaning, crowd-sourcing and things of that nature I'd like to achieve. Creating a virtual HQ/guild hall in a metaverse I see happening at some point. First though a website and starting a DAO would be my long-term priorities.

Have you introduced anyone to WAX?

I'm trying but not many really even know what a blockchain is. I'm getting the attention of some gamers a little so I hope it's seeded in their minds when they hear about WAX again. Sometimes it's like that with this stuff, I'm always the first to mention it so the convo dies off quick. So no, not really. I'm also a bit of a loner so there's that too.

What you like to do to unwind?

Being outdoors near water when it's hot out, beers & music. Raves & music festivals are something I really enjoy, being around huge noisy crowds with mosh pits haha Other than that I like just doing new things, hanging out and talking to like minded people.

Tell us something random about you?

Hmm... okay, I have a tattoo that goes from my throat down to the top of my butt crack... and I only do interviews while sitting on the toilet. Hahaha lol okay just kidding, I don't have a tattoo... I have three and I'm not on the toilet haha

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

Definitely telegram at https://t.me/nethrimsworkshop

Where can we buy your NFTs?

I've got some starter packs for sale on Neftyblocks, Waxdao & NFTHive.




Other than that secondary markets, which are 100% community driven. Anything else you gotta work for and blend yourself.

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers?


Yes. There is a 100% chance the first 25 people who drop there WAX wallet below will get above NFTs.

Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish?

Yeah, in addition to chat mining LEEF, Dust & Kchat in my telegram group I'm working on having a new reward bot created for Improbability Compass (https://neftyblocks.com/c/nethrimdsign/blends/blend.nefty/5983) holders. If you don't have one now is the time to start collecting materials to get the blend done. It will be a fun way to earn some additional LEEF tokens, KASH tokens or even NFTs right in chat. .



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