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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 2 Jan 2023

Just before Christmas I got to chat to the man that was a big name in Wombat Dungeon Masters we all know or heard of Sascha will did you know he always creates NFTs live on his stream but not only that he has 2 other projects going as well .


Welcome Sascha . How you today?

A lot healthier, luckily… what about you? :)

Could be worse . Did you do anything exciting today?

We just released the account linking feature on AtomicHub :)

Oh cool how did that go?

Looks like we did a good job. :)

How did your crypto journey start?

I started as a Product Manager at Spielworks (Wombat, Womplay, Dungeon Master) last year in June.

Oh wow and where you already holding crypto?

No I held none when I started in Spielworks but I am holding BTC, ETH, CRONOS and WAX now.

So did you know much and NFTs when you joined Wombat?

I really did know nothing when I applied… and I started one week after I applied. I learned a lot during the application process about what it is and why I am a good fit to work in that area. I've been working a lot in digital collectibles with utility already a decade ago… it just wasn't blockchain.

Oh wow so you learnt on the go did you work on much when you came into wombat?

Yeah… I already took responsibility for Hero Zero edition 2 on EOS on my second day. :-D

Oh wow when did you start creating your own NFTs?

I started with my own collection in the beginning of this June and then it started accelerating.

What made you want to start creating on wax?

It was quite obvious to me, since I was already so deep connected with EOS and WAX… and WAX is so much more alive and fluid… easy NFT creation, low minting costs and my audience on Twitch nearly all having a WAX wallet. So it was a no-brainer.

What your project all about?

There are 3 different projects: madeonstream is my project everything around my stream… drawing my own NFTs, giving out my stickers (as virtual collectibles + as phygitals) katycolorful, technically my project (as I am the collection creator) in which my wife releases photos on a specific scheme regularly waxnames.fx is my latest addition. It is a utility collection that encapsulates WAX account names as NFTs. It has an early supporter drop this Thursday. More infos here

Early support: Pack of FX – 1 - waxnames.fx on NeftyBlocks 

Oh wow you must be very busy with 3 projects what was the first NFT you released?


Pure Love was the ever first NFT I did… I drew it on stream with ProCreate on my iPhone - The later works are defi better.

How did the community react?

They loved it. It was sold out in the night I made it. I mean, it was quite affordable with 10 WAX but still, there have been 50 people interested in this. It was a huge success for me. You know, as someone who was afraid, that people were just following me because I am the one being responsible for dungeon master (at this time)… it showed me there are a lot of people having real interest in me and what I do and not just in my "insider info's". (Imposter syndrome kickin' in)

Lol insider info's lol did you get much of that and its great that your first drop sold 50 .

I was the responsible product manager, so I took 99% of the decisions on the product… so I technically was the living insider info around what's coming up.

How many pieces have you dropped since?

9 drawings, 6 sold out, 1 is available infinitely (the Infinity NFT) and the other two are quite expensive and collab pieces.

Furthermore 16 stickers in 6 variations (Black white, Negative, Blur, Shadow, Original, Holo) = 96 (Holos are redeemable for limited physical stickers)

More physical redemption for the stickers to come (Glitter versions as stickers, pins, fridge magnets)

2 stickers (Santa Sascha, Angel Katharina) for the $SASCHA token that you can earn in a WAX DAO staking madeonstream and katycolorful NFTs and some more materials for the blends. madeonstream is at a whopping 162 templates now.


Guessing you have stepped away from that role now . You have dropped a hell of alot NFTs how often do you release new stuff?

That really depends. In the last weeks, I invested a lot of time into waxnames.fx because I believe memorizable account names where people hold their own private key are key. In the long term, WCW are not reliable because it all depends on you trust that the product will be there and gain you access forever. That's a tough thing. With the names as NFTs, I am opening up some kind of name hunt and you can catch the name you like or sell it to somebody who may like it. It's packing a crypto product into an NFT which is quite straightforward but it seems like nobody has done this so far.

For all my sticker drawings… I do not do them on my own but having a contracted designer. It's not that affordable for me to get them but I am having a fee agreed on to get 3 a month now… to be able to plan for a next sticker series in the future. Here is one of the upcoming ones.

For the drawings: I planned to make drawings more often again now… I like to hand them out for WAX or $SASCHA token, because I want to see more utility for people staking my NFT on the DAO… so I need to make things available for the token…

…but also .fx account owners are going to get special treatment. I announced free exclusive airdrops from different collections and access to special exclusive drops

For sure, some of this, Katharina (my wife) will fill with katycolorful and I will fill with my drawings… but there are also external creators that are going to support this.

So you really have big ideas of where you want to guide people and having those bonuses attached . How will waxnames.fx work?

For waxnames.fx, we just ended the early birds phase, in which people have been able to come to me and directly get a specific account name ending with .fx for their bid.

Now, we are starting the early supporter drop, in which people can purchase a pack containing one of over 1000 NFTs containing a memoizable account name… like 1.fx, emmet.fx or love.fx

This NFT can be traded as usual on all the WAX marketplaces. If one likes to redeem the NFT for an account, the person just needs to send the NFT to the account fx and put a public key into the memo.

Like here:

The account is then automatically created and the NFT burned. The newly created .fx account automatically receives an NTT ( that is used for giving people access to special drops and as selection criteria for air drops. That's the way, we are finding all our .fx members and give them benefits. One more benefit is that if you are winning something on my streams, you are getting bonus prizes if you have linked an .fx account. When creating the new account, we stake 5 WAX CPU and 5 WAX NET + purchase 3000 bytes of RAM, so you can get started.

The account owners have a usual WAX account but own their private key. So, we are having fox.fx in example started an own collection allthingsfox: So, with your .fx account you AND ONLY YOU have access to your account (not like in WCW or Droppp).

Oh that's class . Getting back to your NFTs how do you create your NFTs is there many programs involved?

For my drawings I just use ProCreate on the iPad Pro. For katycolorful Katharina uses Affinity Photo for the retouch.


Here one of the non-released Katharinas.

How long on average does each NFT take to create?

I am creating my drawings on stream, that's why the collection is called madeonstream: NFTs range from 1 hour - 3 hours.

Oh wow do you let the viewers decide what you will draw?

Partially yes… I am not very good in drawing… but I am good in seeing what I like and what not… so the process is quite random and I stick with what I like and revert what I dislike until I have something, I am happy with. Sometimes people can make suggestions on colors, shapes, etc. but it does not mean, I stick with it… I let things flow.

Have you done many collabs?

I've had 6 collabs so far: 5 are normal "blends": (cybervandals, skunkychunks, penguiniceog, psychodinoss) 1 is a drawing that TonyTrip from cybervandals and I did at the same time

Is there a dream collab out there for you?

Wow… there are sooo many cool creators out there I love. I love soonayfigure, byronartset1, nerdsuniteus,… there are so many and collabs will happen. ultrarare is one of the next planned to dig deeper into the "Hidden Love" series.

Some big names there . Do you have a favorite artist?

I love soonayfigure… that's why this is one of my drawings. We planned to make it a blend but she's quite busy. Since I decided which collections to be added to Dungeon Master, I am quite well connected in the WAX creator space.

Of course what has been the best part of doing your projects?

I love the people in the WAX space. It's a big supportive together.

What's been the hardest part of the projects?

Getting over my imposter syndrome and bring them out. This is even harder on the blockchain since it is forever.

Have you brought many people in the blockchain world?

If you look into my personal environment I'd say no but if you look into my contribution in Womplay and Wombat wallet you can say my work contributed a lot in bringing tens of thousands of Web 2 users to get in touch with the Web 3 world.

What does your family think of your crypto work?

My wife is completely into it and my mother don't understand.

What you like to do when your not creating?

I am a creator over and over… I play guitar and do magic. So, this is also kinda creating or performing.

Do you do magic shows for kids or adults?

Only for adults.

Where the best place to keep up with your project?

My Twitch streams on LifeWithSascha, as long as is not ready yet.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Primary drops are all hold on NeftyBlocks.

When the next drop?

- madeonstream still has open drops with the stickers and gets new drops regularly but there is no planned date - katycolorful drops a new NFT each Friday - waxnames.fx is having the open drop for the WAX account names. We just added a new drop using a reroll token, so you can reroll your .fx NFT if you do not like it.

When do you normal stream?

I am having planned streams on Friday and Sunday at 20:30 Central Europe Time on Twitch. Most times I join one more time a week.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?


Sure, I could hand you 5 madeonstream gift boxes containing NFTs from 35 different collections worth around 1-1000 WAX.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to thank all of my supporters throughout my NFT journey. It's not even a year that I showed my face to the Wombat audience as product manager for dungeon master, before I started streams, launching my own NFT series and so much more. I've got so many more ideas to entertain and enrich the space but this all wouldn't make any sense if there were no people supporting it.

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