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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 3 Jan 2024

This a cool looking project that I have seen around and I just had to get the low down all about it and it sounds like a interesting program and there is a lot goes into it.




I am good and you?

Nice bro. Fine my friend! everything good here

We must finally cover your project

Thanks for writing to me, I have seen many of your interviews. You make a really nice job!

How long you been involved in crypto?

I have been involved in crypto since 2016. I started mining Ethereum and then started mining Bitcoin. From there I jumped directly to the financial part and learned about other processes such as Staking, farms, DeFi that were developed over time.

Then I learned about NFTs much more recently, about 3 years ago and I started working with the crypto game Splinterlands, being the first Hispanic streamer to stream for them and creating top content on YouTube for the game with the Venap Games channel. Precisely the play 2 earn path led me to the development of my current collection. It made me get deeply involved, and that's how I got to know WAX.

Its been a long path for you so Splinterland was your way of discovering NFTs congrats being the first Hispanic streamer . So tell us about your current collection?

That's how it is! full of learning. Well my collection is an unlockable narrative adventure told like Manga. Within the narrative the collector will be able to find OVAS, Short Films and Manga in panels for reading. In addition, each NFT will allow you to obtain history, exclusive collectibles, titles in the community and participation in our WAXP farm. Currently we have just finished Vo.1 of the first OVA where we launched the first animated scenes, Box Set of special presentations for the characters that contained the box, character card, poster and manga sheet. And we are in full development of the first Codex book that tells the story of the world where the agents operate. We are in the process of developing Vol.2 of the OVA and the first illustrated covers of the Manga of the OVA of Vol.1 Vulnerability Agents itself is a MAnga that presents a narrative and collectible adventure for the reader, where the story of a dystopian world is told where technology, transhumanism and bad capital distribution policies have failed and turned everything into chaos after the great war._ We currently have a battle pass that offers exclusive narrative items and a unique power that can only be obtained with the pass.


This is the cover of the first chapter of Vol.1 of the OVA


This is the digital model of the Manga. Currently all pages are for sale and can be staked. Each page of the Codex book has a so-called exclusive power and is limited to 30 copies. Those who complete the collection will receive the book in physical and digital form.This is the digital model of the Manga. Currently all pages are for sale and can be staked. Each page of the Codex book has a so-called exclusive power and is limited to 30 copies. Those who complete the collection will receive the book in physical and digital form.

This is the Short Film of the first chapter of the Neo Arcadia Codex Book. For each chapter released on NFT, a Short Film is released, which is also available to be purchased on NFT and you can stake it.

So your project is digital come physical has there been many copies claimed?

Yes, our project is digital first. But to be a physical product with impact in the real world. Well let's say that the collection has had a good movement, we have sold out some of the drops, some of them have only very few pages left and for our first pack that ended a few weeks ago, I think it has gone well for us. Also well, all this is new for me, and maybe along the way I am learning many things that make me see that I could have done things better and sold more. However, the main objective is to make a really quality product, with a real underlying and collectible value, with a good concept and a solid line. I hope with what I have been learning that the collection grows more and more in users, participation, and collectors. One of my intentions of making it physical is also precisely that, personally, I believe that in the digital age we have the evil of the immediate and the ephemeral, I do not want this work to remain behind a screen or the keys of a wallet. I want the collector to have the ability to feel the history in his hands.

When did you launch the first NFT of the project?


We created the first promo card for agents almost 9 months ago and well everything has been taking shape since then

How many NFTs have you dropped?

We have made a total of 28 Agent-exclusive Drops. There are 3 more drops that were made with the pure intention of promoting ourselves as a collection with DeFi communities like Torum but that do not belong to the agents. We are currently dedicated only to the history of Vulnerability Agents and its production. However, Nefty says that we have issued 7.4K in assets but it seems exaggerated to me, I don't know how to do the math. All of our NFTs are limited, and each one has a set according to its rarity and farm power.

How are you creating your NFTs?

My NFTs have different layers of production and creation processes. Mainly I am a graduate in audiovisual sciences, with a mention in direction/screenplay. I have been a musician for almost 15 years, I learned to draw on my own when I was little, and more than a year ago I certified myself as a prompt engineer for LLM generative models. I tell you this so that you have a little of my background. Now all this allows me to have a totally comprehensive vision and production of my art as an artisan of my product. Vulnerability Agents was born mainly in text, as a script for an animation, which was never made, I continued writing and developing many characters. Many of them were designed on paper and then digitized without an illustration process. When I started working with generative LLMs, I realized their potential and began to mix my drawings with this and acquired their enterprise license to work in depth, which gave me a maximization of my art, production, and processes. Currently, all my designs are born first from the text and the concept, then from my hand, and finally since I am not a professional illustrator, I use prompt technology to elevate my processes to illustrated work. Then all these results pass through my hand again, where I enter into post-production work to bring it to the final result. For Vol.1 we released an OST of the OVA and as a musician and composer, I am responsible for its composition and purely organic execution. For the Short Films, we are working together with a local production studio where the actors' voice-overs and music are recorded separately. The animation is worked with hand-to-hand illustration processes and generative motion prompt engineering. The music, editing, and final post-production is on me.

In itself, it is a process that involves many hours of work, dedication, and layers of sub-processes to obtain an exceptional final result, maintain the storyline, the same style, and so on. We are currently looking for and hiring a Magaka for the next job coming up with the Canon story. This will make my illustration work somewhat easier and we will be able to bring all the stories to the original Manga format in a much faster way. This is also aimed at selling the agents like a Manga. We hope that in the future we can go to the main Anime processes.

Oh wow so a lot of work goes into each one so how many people are total involved?

Yeah is a lot of work to do. Well currently we are two people in charge of the NFT part. My person and my partner Llobre. But Venap Games as such, as a video game content creator brand, YouTube channel, there are 3 of us. Llobre is mainly in charge of the numbers, calculations and everything that concerns the numerical part of the project. He also debates and questions my ideas and makes sure that the entire production line, each idea and proposal makes sense. We started with another member who was part of the NFT process, but unfortunately due to personal problems he could not continue, however he was a very helpful person at the beginning.

Still for three people is a lot so how long does it take for thought to finished NFT?

Finishing 1 single NFT a single final work may take 3 days or more. Currently I have the advantage of being able to dedicate a lot of time to this, and that is a plus. The creative process of concept design is what takes the most time, the conceptualization of the character can take weeks, which is why it is very important that at the written level everything is very clear. I think that the written work in the first instance is the least heavy, but at the same time most meticulous since it is the basis of everything.

The character design process is much more extensive because it involves capturing that in an illustration. Do those traits really also confirm the described personality of the character? Even the look of him, the body of his is that of that person I'm thinking? We recently introduced the first antagonist and one of the things we considered and discussed a lot was whether his face and features were really as malicious as the story describes.

Is there many programs used in creation?

Yes, many programs and licenses are involved here. First, the most basic and organic program, pencil and paper, hahaha, but then from there we move on to the process of taking this design to a scanner to transfer it to Photoshop, where the process of making the empty details and lines neat comes in. Then we involved this design in prompt engineering where we worked with the diffusion stable 1 models and again created up to 500 iterations of the same model and variants. After that, we go back to Photoshop to send it to a new language called Midjourney where we have the enterprise license and it allows us to get everything for the prompts engineering, we also do approximately 100 iterations and different models. After all this, we entered into an editing and selection process. Finally, when the designs or the final design are chosen, we enter the Photoshop post-production again to fix all the details, and verisimilitude, so that everything is neat and that it is as we want. Right there we do the process of color, lights, shadows, contrast, and so on, like the entire assembly process if it is going to go on a box, a letter, a poster, etc., or if it will be used as a scene from the manga. Then to animate we take this to Motion Pic Lab, Cap Cut, and Adobe After Effects and that's where another creative and production process comes in to finish the final finish.

For example, with animation and action figures this is reduced a bit, because third parties come in to do other processes. For example, with the Box Set action figure, a friend who is a 3D modeler helped us design the figure. For music we use programs like Ableton, Genmo, I have a small home studio so that is an advantage to make the OST. We hope to release official musical pieces for these new productions. And as i say, the music is produced and edited by me. I'm guitarist and multi instrument composer.

You can listen the OST in Spotify and your favorite portal music sites:

Until recently it was available for purchase in a Drop as a collection collectible. As their time ended, the remaining ones have been burned, now they are only in the secondary market.

Oh wow that is some list and some amount processes . Is there room to work with other project on Wax?

Yes, of course! We have a very good relationship with Defi Mining and its main developer. Just with Rewards Runners, we are in the process of releasing a collaborative Drop/Blend and we are also good acquaintances with Wax Hooligans. Someone who has also helped us and is always willing for us to do things is Orlando from Sketch Art. I think there are very interesting developers and in favor of enriching the ecosystem. Even two days ago we launched a new proposal to the community, part of the profits that we allocated to the refund of the FARM we are now going to use to invest in NFTs from other collections that are voted for by users and then these will be distributed in community prizes. We are totally in favor of collaboration, integration, and enrichment of the ecosystem. We are open to anyone who seeks us out to collaborate as well.

Who would be your dream collab on Wax?

Wombat Games without a doubt!

Do you have many projects you collect on wax?

Well not currently, but I have bought several when I had not created the collection, it was my personal wallet and I left some of them there, Street Fighters Funkos and more. But this coming year I hope to become more involved as a collector. And with the proposal to the community, as a collection I hope to be buying many projects

What has been the best part of doing your project?

Well, I think the most entertaining and interesting part of all this has been first understanding and knowing the NFT world from the perspective of a developer and how to find the right way to capture your idea and make it work. It has been a challenge to understand and well, what remains to be understood and to make the collection better and better. I think they are like two different jobs, one the creative work and the other the work of the collection and the work captured with NFT. And that has been a very enjoyable challenge. And on a creative level, what I like most is to see how what is written, ends up reflected in the final product.


What has been the hardest part?

Well, I think that precisely the issue of the collection, creating solid processes, understanding the way of production, and financing everything from our own pockets has also been a quite challenging part. Also, capturing this whole idea that we had of an NFT story, at first it was too abstract as to how it was going to work, we were not clear about it, and we have had to learn things at the time that perhaps we could have developed differently, but it is part of learning. When you come from the world of cinema like me for example, you know and there is a whole line of work on how to make, present, and promote stories, there is already a work method and business model. It's not like that here, and it's not cinema either, it's something completely new and constantly evolving that offers you possibilities that you didn't know about before. So all of this has been very challenging. Even right now we are facing a fairly tough discussion phase, since it is part of a new process that will be launched and we do not know if the platforms allow us to do everything as we want, so here we enter another problem that at some point shortly we must solve, integrate a programmer on the team to be able to go further, none of us knows how to program, so I believe that development as an nft product, viable, functional and that maintains its premise is the most difficult. And well, the biggest challenge of all this is that users also understand everything in a simple way, sometimes as creators we believe that because we understand our idea, others will also do it and that is not the case.

What is the long term plan for the project?

Well, the first goal is to reach the production of the agents as a weekly manga, while we create the entire base of the blockchain product (we are in that process). Vulnerability Agents should shortly be an independent franchise from Venap Games (under our production obviously) but with its own unique process. Make Vulnerability Agents a recognized franchise in the world of Manga and Comics while we create all its online, collectible, and affordable information for its community and followers. You can develop the entire unlockable narrative structure through your own website where collectors have a dashboard to read the acquired stories and see their stake and participation processes in a personal section. So there is still a lot to do, so the project has a completely future vision, right now we are starting, and now there is development left. We have a small Roadmap on the website and posted on Discord which is currently being updated, but we have practically fulfilled 90% of what this first part of the roadmap promises. The launch of the Manga, the animation, the development of the pack, the Waxp farm, its monthly and weekly return to the holders and the farm.

I do think a roadmap is key .

Yes, the roadmap is key and that is why our priority right now is to make a complete update of it and deliver everything that has been done and accomplished in this first development process

What does your family think of the project?

They are delighted, my parents, my grandmother really like all the work although they don't understand much about NFT, they really like the work as a work of art in its final finish, in their own ways and ways they have always supported me in everything. My wife loves it, she has supported me a lot throughout this entire process of investment and development. Since she also knows the story from the beginning of his creation, I usually consult many opinions with her.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

This is the Foreword of Chapter 2 in Codex book....

A Naked Look At Dystopya #8 | Chapter 2 | The Arcadia of the past -...

Where is the best place to keep up with project?

The two best places is Discord and simultaneously Nefty. Since in Discord you have everything the moment it comes out and you can talk to me about anything directly. In nefty everything comes out after being published on discord so if you want to be updated and involved, they are the best places, mainly the community.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Yes, all of that comes this year with the theme of fan art, the opportunity to write an alternate episode and many other things we have planned for the community.

Before we finish up is there anything you want to add?

Well first of all thank you very much for the opportunity and the interview. I hope everyone enjoys the work we are doing, integrating into the community, and becoming part of this great story that is just beginning. We would love to share with all of you our development, achievements, advances, and motivations which would not be possible without you collectors. The world of Vulnerability Agents awaits you, not only with fascinating art but with a great plot of action and mystery behind it.

Thank you man for your time today been a pleasure

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