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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 25 Feb 2023

Right this project is more than just a NFT creation its a side multiverse on a website not only can you earn stake and play on his site you can win NFTs by clicking links I can see this project having a big future and even now has his own coin .




How you today?

Thank you good, and you

Cant complain . What brought you into crypto?

My knowledge of IT and interest in decentralization

And is Wax your first crypto you invested in?

No I tried before Wax a lot of stuff like Bitcoin Hardware Mining etc. My main coin what I support is wax right now and Eth.

Why did you choose Wax for your project?

Fast Transactions and no fees and the economy for NFTs on wax is great

So tell us about your project?

PlanetX Meta is a community based project. We are a platform that equips good wax projects with new features such as blend options or NFTs that can then be bought with their tokens. We also create pools of project tokens for our users. Which can then use our PlanetX Meta NFTs to mine several project tokens from wax. There will also be a small game being made by Planetx meta but it's way too early to talk about that. PlanetX Meta is not a game, not a staking site.... it's all it's possible on WAX!!!!!! Our current goal is to create a WAX coin pool for our IOTAN token with 1,000,000 WAX to mine. We will also soon be on the road on other blockchains where our users can mine dan coins such as EOS or ETH with their planetx meta NFTs from wax, for example. We have a planet system where we categorize all projects that we have a collab with. These projects can also be accessed directly from the PlanetX meta website. We want to support projects where their ecosystem is lacking, such as too many nfts on the market. We also have a giveaway badge system on discord where you get lifetime free NFTs from projects and many more.

So your project will blend your NFTs with other projects?

Yes, right now we started with Tokenlands and release together a staking collection like this:

What did you launch your project?

November last year and we have a lot of project packs released like this


To support projects without taking out NFTs from circulation our user can buy them with our token IOTAN.

You have your own token?


Oh nice and can you stake and earn it?


How has the community reacted to your project?

Very positive they like to have multiply chance by us to earn not like by games were you have only 1 token with IOTAN they can buy NFTs from other projects that means our player can test projects without invest in new projects at first they can also buy all packs in our token or in the project token from were the NFT is

Oh where can the spend IOTAN for other NFTs projects?

On our website you can find all are stuff is find on our website


player can also play project games directly from our website without have to move from the page

Oh wow and what projects are featured on your website?

Avalon, Tokenlands, Prospectors, Swamp soldiers, NBM, BlockchainRPG and more coming soon

Oh wow . Where you getting your ideas for your NFTs?

From a A.I I am working a long time with A.I and I like Alien Movies

How do you create your NFTs?

A.I and Photoshop

What A.I program you using?

Chatgp and Deepai

How long do you spend on each NFT?

3 days maybe but the NFTs art is not important to us. For us its important what the NFT has for skills the art behind is hobby we are not artists

What you mean by skills?

Staking options, gaming options, earning options , long term option for earning our NFTs gives only entry to our tokenpools etc.

Oh that's something different declaring yourselves not artists . Do you have a favorite NFT the A.I has created?



Oh wow why that one?

That's my version


the first picture is from A.I I don't no he looks like a leader.

He does look impressive . Have you done any collabs?

Avalon, Tokenlands, Prospectors, Swamp soldiers, NBM, BlockchainRPG.

Is there a dream collab out there for you?

Hmmm . Good question let me think it would have to be Warsaken. But I dreamed from Tokenlands now we are official partners and we have a collab release 01.03

Oh cool and that's out on the first march?


This is our PlanetX & Tokenlands Badge for lifetime odds


What has been hardest part of doing your project?

Gain trust from the community so many scams people are too scared. Also, many people have no understanding of good or bad ecosystems on long run. Atomic Hub market don't want A.I NFTs, that's why its hard for us to grow

What has been the best part of the project?

Seeing people happy the lot of thank you's from the people they earn with our project

What's the long term plan for the project?


Be a Gameboy for Wax games and other blockchains we try to get more tokens in new pools from other projects also in future ETH & EOS and many more all stakeable with IOTAN or PlanetX Meta NFTs after market is normal we think we have gold mines in our pool for our users

So you hope to expand to other blockchains?

We don't hope we are already working on EOS for EOS/IOTAN Pool and EOS/NFT pool

Oh nice . What does your family think of your project?

They are noobs in crypto they don't understand what I do they are not interested in this what I do in crypto I have a normal job in real life, this project is my baby.

Does your life job and your project have any cross over?

Not really I learned electronics and I begin with this crypto stuff by creating my own platin for light coin mining

What you like to do to unwind when your not working on your project?

Be with my kids

Of course . Where is the best place to keep up with your project?



And we start in few weeks with Google and Youtube Ads after time we will take a company from our country Switzerland that makes the promotion for us

Where can we buy your NFTs

There is all information there but most users go on Atomic Hub




Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Sure why not lets give 3 packs of


Oh brilliant so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add

Yes that we thanks Tokenlands in there trust in us and to our users on Discord they support us and be always kind . Also I want thank my Mods for they great work

Thank you for your time today

Thank you too


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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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