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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 24 Jan 2024

A big thank you HD Unlimited who is now looking after the projects Twitter account for putting in touch with the creator of the project Miles . Who gave me the low down about his project



Hey! HD unlimited runs our Twitter said you be in touch

Oh right how long you involved in the project?

I'm the creator so a year and a bit

Oh your the creator?

Yes! Owner of the Infinity Carnival! Started as a small community concept project, simple mining and such but we have evolved into a game focused project with lots of plans of which we are currently executing! Including Infinity Racers! Our first game we have a 3D player controlled variant on Unity and a Rng strategy/mining version as well!

Rng mining site

Unity game

Web site created using create-react-app

How did the project come about were you already doing stuff in crypto?

I've been in the wax space for a few years now! I wanted to create a fun and safe community full of rewards and fun! I wanted to produce simple games that users can understand and run on whatever device they have! Using our main game Token ICE users can do all sorts of things with more use cases coming and more games!

Was Wax always going to be the blockchain for your project?

Always and forever I've browsed other chains but never found one as great as wax!

When did the project official launch?

March 2023! Game launch December 2023

What's the concept behind the project?

The Infinity Carnival Experience (ICE) will continue to develop simple yet addicting games for its community! These games will use our ICE Token to play and earn! Our 2 economic tokens are TICKET and ENTRY, these Tokens are used strategically to produce more ice or used to purchase prizes (formally Prize Chest) now ticket counter/ prize counter!

How many games are live ? How many more are in the works?


Infinity Racers is live and we are currently on season 1 for rewards! We are working on a few more things like quest mode should be out this week! We have a few games currently in development including Infinity Team Tanks and Infinity Tycoon. So currently just the one game! 3d unity version and mobile rng web based version with more features to come

Will the games be NFT based?



Some examples of the cars! We also have token mining with ICE Bots!


What was the first NFT that you dropped?


Either our Ticket Factory or Ticket NFTs ( which were exchanged for tickets )

How many have you dropped since?

Probably 15-25 since! Half of those are for Bots and infinity Racers which is new and the other half are for legacy mining

How do you create them?

Generally we hire artists from the community, and mint them threw Neftyblocks

Oh so each NFT has been different artists?

Yes! When we need art we reach out to our community and Devs to find the right match

Is there are any artists / projects you would like to work with?

Well we have reached out to Wuffi so hope to hear back soon we would be open to working with any wax projects! We have done some collabs and giveaways in the past but always open to more community

Who has been your favorite NFT collab?

Likely NFX Creations

Tell us about your token system?

Our Main token is ICE and is used to play, upgrade cars and Bots and lands! Has many burn mechanics TICKET and ENTRY tokens are used to purchase prizes, upgrade workers and factories and will be used in our new Cauldron Mechanic where you put in those 2 tokens and can upgrade your cauldron for a percent of the daily ICE in the Cauldron. Lots of use cases with more to come!

Is there any farms for ICE?

Yes that would be our ICE Bots! More info here:

Infinity Carnival Experience⁠🤖︱ice-bots

What's been the best part of doing the project?

I know it sounds cliche but definitely the friends I've made along the way! Developing a happy and fun community but also providing to that community and giving them what I personally would like to see in a wax community and game

What's been the hardest part?

Well our team has so many great ideas and plans so the hardest part is making those ideas come to light and figuring out the challenges along the way! Keeping everyone engaged, happy and excited for the future of the project!

How many is in the team?

Including myself we have a team of 12

Are you locally based?

Most of us are Canadian or from the states

When the big drop or release for you?

Infinity Racers Land Pack Infinity Racers Car Pack Most sales are for ICE Bot packs tho

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Where can we play Infinity Racers?

PC 3D Unity

Mobile or PC RNG

Infinity Racers Website

How much does it cost to start playing?

All you need is 1 car so 5$ for infinity Racers Minimum to start mining is 25$ but can also purchase Bots and such on secondary

Where is the best place to keep up with the project


Or Twitter

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Would love that!


Currently with $125 in prizes! 5 winners if we get good engagement we will double this

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

I think that's everything thank you!

Thank you for your time today

And thank you for yours talk soon



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