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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 12 May 2021

I am so proud to say I had the chance to meet the creator of one of the biggest NFTs out there cryptomonkey now we have all seen them somewhere .


Show her some love and give her a follow now lets get into the question.

First thing IL say is I love your cryptomonKeys sadly I don't have many I was mining for them in Alienworld

Name ?

My name is SoggyApplePie

Where you from ?

I live in Canada 😄

Do you have you have cryptomonKey telegram channel if so can you drop your link here?

We have a very active telegram channel, here’s the link:

Discord is our main hub for both cryptomonKeys and BANANO, the links can be found at and, respectively.

I am already a member in the discord .


So is this your full time job if not what is?

I spend most of my time working online throughout the week, I am a freelance illustrator outside of the work that I do for BANANO and cryptomonKeys. I serve/bartend on weekends to make a little extra money. I’d love to draw all day every day if I could though.

How did you come up with cryptomonKeys ?

Bantano (who is the co-founder of cryptomonKeys alongside myself) approached me in June 2020 with the idea to make BANANO NFTs. cryptomonKeys have MonKeys, which are BANANO’s unique wallet representatives- they are essentially little wallet mascots. You can get more info about MonKeys, BANANO wallets, and other stuff at


What made you get into NFT design in the first place ?

cryptomonKeys is my first NFT project, but I was very inspired by GPK NFTs on WAX. Since then I have come to love tons of different NFT projects in the space and am blown away by what is coming out. I’ve always loved trading cards and of course as an artist I have always appreciated and really enjoyed seeing so many different styles of artwork- and the NFT space is ripe with tons of incredibly talented artists.

Other then Banano coin what other crypto currency's you have ?

Also, I collect a few different cryptocurrencies but BANANO and NANO will always be my biggest HODLings.

Love Nano and have a few Banano myself not much do .


Have you always been artistic ?

Always. I have always struggled with focusing, and it’s exhausting in every way. But when I create things, I feel this peace settle inside of me. I don’t know how to explain, but it’s kind of like the difference between stop-and-start bumper-to-bumper traffic and smooth open roads. Not sure if that makes sense.

I actually get you . You like the ideas just to flow instead of coming and going

Sort of. I guess I would more closely relate it to the brain having a moment to relax and think about one thing for a long time, instead of it always fighting about what to think about (which is how it feels for me most of the time).

I know you are freelance artist / illustrator do you do other work in NFT world or outside it ? If you do can I have a picture ?

cryptomonKeys is the only NFT project released to-date that I have been a big part of, but there are some exciting things coming. No spoilers!

Even a little hint


How long have you been designing nft ?

It’s crazy to think that is has almost been a year (~10 months) since designing the first images for cryptomonKeys.

Say it has kept you busy during lock down do ?



Might be a silly question why do you design nfts the way you do ?

I don’t think this is a silly question at all.. I am a huge cartoon buff and pretty much exclusively watch cartoon-animation television. I like the lightheartedness of most cartoons. The colors and the simplicity are my favorite parts- I always loved how simple the artwork is in cartoons; it’s easier for my brain to process every frame on the screen (character design, setting, colors ) as opposed to in non-animated television. My artwork definitely reflects this- fairly simple colors , shapes, dimensions.

What's your favorite NFT you have designed ? Can i have a pic of it ?

Haha I love them all in their own way, but I definitely have a few favorites from every generation. I’m not sure I will ever tell which they are, but I love to see what other people’s favorites/least favorites are

What advice do you have for people trying to get into NFT ?

Whether it is creating or collecting, the space is growing and it has room for anybody who is interested in learning. Also, you don’t have to spend money to get NFTs- some awesome projects (cough cryptomonKeys) believe in free and fair distribution, just like our homies at BANANO.


What's your most valuable NFT you have ? Can i have a picture ?

It is difficult to define value, as they all have a special place in my heart - but cryptomonKeys highest sold card on a secondary market was sold for over 55k WAX


Wow that is some price you dnt happen which one it was ?

It was at the peak of the Blue Wizard

Ah I see I have seen a few of them and a few people copy the design for there NFT's .

It was a fun card to release in the early hype .

What hobbies do you have ?

I really like RPG video games and shitposting in BANANO Discord

What you do for fun ?

Same answer haha


What rpg games you play lol

Lol lots.. My all-time favourite RPG is The Legend of Zelda saga.. but some ol faithfuls are borderlands, sims, minecraft. Used to play a lot of Heroes and Age of Empire/Mythology on pc back in the day. I also enjoy other types of games like fortnite

So any chance of a small airdrop for people reading this ?

We can surely discuss something fun to do

Any big announcements coming up for cryptomonkey or even banano you can hint about ?

BANANO Runner 2.0 is in its testing phase right now and it’s gonna be awesome! Also some great stuff coming from cryptomonKeys real soon!

Just 2 question left for you is there anywhere else people can keep up to date with you and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

I don’t currently have a web page but if I ever put one together I will surely let you know

All I have to say it was a pleasure and thank you for your time .

Right guys please give her a follow on twitter and join there Banano discord

I first posted this on over 2months ago

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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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