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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 31 Jan 2024

Right not going to lie this is not a brand new artist but one of the O.G's with another project but I love this guy and he is always bring new and weird stuff to Wax so its always a pleasure to chat Dagga. This guy start dropped his first NFT in in March 2021 since then he has created 562 different NFT's there is over 7.5 thousand wallets holding his NFTs and I recently chatted about his latest project


How's things bro?

Sometimes good, sometimes difficult. All ways busy irl, i wish i had more time to do more in drawing

Well your back creating on Wax again tell us the idea behind it?

I was never away. I just took some time to do more without any hurry. Plus I made some stuff on Tezos too. That's also the reason I will concentrate on Marvelous Monas. I will do it without having the force to bring out one piece after another, just to get not forgot by the ppl. Marvelous Monas should be unique, most of them only 1/1 mints and only for auctions.

So Marvelous Monas will be auction only? How are your NFTs doing on Tezo?

Yes, that's what I have planned. My experiences last two years was that my stuff is only wanted by a handful of ppl, so I don't see a sense in making assets with xx quantity. The most will be 1/1s, but there will be some exceptions for example for a giveaway for those who have bought the auctions. Tezos...not so well, i have less attention than on wax (and even this is very rare). I sold some pieces but, like at the whole NFT space, it's hard to bring the ppl on board. I just simply have too less time irl to be a big tweeter, that causes the lack of attention.

Will Marvelous Monas be the only project you be working on Wax from now on?

No, I don't think so. I am always open for collabs and if I have an idea that doesn't fit to monas, i will nevertheless do it. I also didn't stop salty lemons, they are still something i do if i have an idea for a good joke.

Of course so how many projects have you done on Wax so far?

I have no idea lol....somehow I lost the overview

I am nearly sure Mosaic stamps was first?


Yes, that was first. It was even the best time in wax history. ppl where amazed about and that was cool

Will we ever see another Mosaic stamp NFT again?

Mmmm... that's a good question. I also played with it. Maybe somedays there will be some overworked, animated hummingbird wizard

Oh I forgot about them . Anyway where did the idea of MM coming guessing Mona Lisa but why?

Only my brain knows. It begun with salty lemons. I made a joke about AI and played with the thought how human art is in the mind of AI robots. Then i thought, some unique animated monas where cool...and that's it

Will all the Monas be animated?

All the 1/1s will be animated. Not sure about the giveaways.

Of course when will the first one drop?

The free drop will start at 1st of February. Everybody who is whitelisted can claim one Mona. The first auction starts short after it on the weekend.

What will be the starting price of each auction how long will they last?

It's planned for 11 days, 11 hours and 11 minutes. the starting bid will be 1.11 wax

I am guessing every 11 days a new auction then?

That will be hard to say cause one piece needs longer time to do. It has multiple attributes which are animated. originally, it was thought to drop one in a week, but reality came to me. It was clear after a short time that it is not possible to do them that fast, for this, I have too less time irl. We will see how it works out.

Is there any collabs lined up at the moment?

Yes....but I can't talk about

Can you drop any hints is there anyone you want to work with?

I am always open for any collab on any chain. I will never Rugg anyone

Lol nice hint lol . Anything else you want to add?

just follow the on X and do the simple steps to get whitelisted. The free drop runs until all 151 pieces are claimed or if nobody is interested anymore

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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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