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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 8 Jan 2023

Right I found this artist after I did the interview with Sascha and he told me he was one of the reasons he started to create he is very new to the creating part of the Wax community but don't let that fool you he is ready to proof his work.



Hey man how you?

Hey! I'm fine, how about you?

I am good what's the plans for the day?

Great! Work, try to get some chatter going in the discord server and work on the collection

What brought you into crypto?

At the very beginning, BTC. I listened to Michael Saylor and was mind blown. I ended up with BTC and an Pokémon token coz I'm a bit nerdy. Learnt about BNB smart chain and helped out in that project for about an year. They did lots of thing poorly and hyperinflated the token unfortunaitly. I left and started day trading on exchange while reading a lot about NFTs. I then became aware about the risks of holding on exchange and so on so I spent a whole lot of time reading about different chains. I ended up on wax and since then I'm more fascinated by NFTs than ever before. So short answer is because of Michael Saylor. Long story is more about defi, ownership and so on.


What made you interested in NFTs?

From the beginning it was my Pokémon collecting hobby. I even tried to make an deal with Nintendo but they weren't ready for crypto at that time. When the "its only jpeg storm" started I got even more interested coz NFTs is an absolute ownership and its can be used for so many things my mind was Blown away. Still I haven't been active in the NFT community until like an year ago. The design I'm creating was born when I played with crayons with my daughter long ago and since then I've had this obsession with it. Its simplistic and cute. A bit rough and childish but its got an place very close to my hearth. When I started using wax chain the idea to actually make an collection felt like an must and here I am trying to build something great.

So its a design that you and your daughter years ago that create your NFT project?

Yeah, I mage it and she loved it so kept doing it and its always been an design I've had in my mind and drawing while bored. Started like 3yesrs ago. To add she was 6months by then. I think the root come from my fascination of bugs.

When did you actually launch your NFTs?

Collection was created 23 dec 2022 I believe I haven't had an real launch event tho. I've just tried to get it out and build since I'm relatively new which I'm Transparent with.

Have you dropped any NFTs yet?

New years eve celebration, sold 2, and I have 2 live atm sold 3 I think. Main reason for new year was to test how appealing I look and also I wanted an new years special. The 2 live ones are to get the reward pool going so I can improve it.

What was the first one you dropped?

New years eve one. I did have some test templates sold privately to try things out pre that but those are paid by me to be burnt since they were only to test things out. New years eve celebration, sold 2, and I have 2 live atm sold 3 I think. Main reason for new year was to test how appealing I look and also I wanted an new years special.


When is the next drop?

I've got 2 drop live already meanwhile I work on improving my server and fish for feedback. I will celebrate with an drop when I get whitelisted and I expect that to be soon. I also have an collab airdrop campaign in setup phase.

How do you create your NFTs?

I use paint 3d, and Clipstudio. I plan to invest in an pen pad (brainfart so I forgot what they are called) I also plan to do hand drawn and maybe even photos of ones I make when me and my daughter play with paper glitter, glue and such. Mainly I'm gonna stick with paint 3d and Clipstudio tho. I kinda like the simplicity of the design but I also wanna challenge myself to improve my artistic skills

How long does each NFT take to create?

It varies. I can speed make 1 in 15min prob or faster. When I sit down I can sit for hours tho. I am to start making 1/1mints where I spend hours and hours when everything is on track. But if we look at current, then say 15min- max 2h per NFT depending on design.

Are you open to collabs?

To be honest I'm not sure, it all comes down to the details of the collab and their vision for the future.

Do you have a favorite artist?

There's so much brilliant artists that I cant give an straight answer to this. I would say I have to write it down into genres and pick several artists and I would still have problems picking

What have you found hard about creating your own project?

Knowledge! No matter how much I read there is always more. And how to build something authentic based upon you. Maybe that's why jellybean is so close to my hearth, it is an big portion of what I am into an for some crap design but for others like myself its worth more then diamonds coz to me its authentic. My way is to be open with this and strive to find ppl Who act like real ppl. That's one one to interpretation value. "Real" ppl that act like an strong community. Who helps each other out and grow together.

What has been the best part of doing it?

The feedback, the feeling of actually seeing it come to life, the feeling that maybe there's actually ppl Who sees value in this dream fulfilling slowly but steady And prob one of the biggest reasons. To actually make it happened an an everyday person with no coding skills, I wish I had tho and this could be an trigger that forces me to learn it unless I utilize fiver or services alike sometime in the future if it becomes necessary.

What your family think of your project?

At first she( my wife ) thought I was just Messing around with that worm I cant let go but now she's supporting me. My kids are 2months and 3,5 years old so they don't understand it Btw, I just got whitelisted on Atomichub.


Congrats on the whitelisting.

Thx! I'm to add another drop to celebrate, I haven't decided specifics yet. I also need to figure out an good celebration like an giveaway or something like that in my server.

How do you like to relax when your not creating?

Fishing! and Watching movies / browsing on my Phone.

Would you like to work in crypto full time?

That would be an incredible achievement and I would be thrilled if I could do that

Have brought many people into Wax?

As I haven't been super active on social media and don't have many crypto enthusiasts among my friends I have only brought a few, I hope to help more ppl find wax thro my collection tho.

Of course so where can we keep up with your on social media?

On twitter


Where can we buy your NFTs?



Do you want to do a giveaway for the readers?

Sure thing Il give one of these guys away called "holy cow im doing it"


Oh brilliant before we finish up is there anything you want to add?

Let me do the dishes while I think about this.

Little time later lol

I think I've covered it all, I would love to get feedback as I've mentioned it is my first collection and I do wanna hear feedback on how I'm doing. I have big goals and some guidance, collabs or simply support in joining my community means a lot to me :) I drive this as an married man with an fulltime job and 2 kids under the age of 4 so I'm not able to build as fast as many others but I rather build slow and true to my vision.

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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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