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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 17 Apr 2022

Right this interview was a given for me great artist who has something quite cool coming very soon but not only that you can earn his NFTs for free playing his cool Telegram game but I will let him explain in a little more detail and also talk about what is coming .

Hey hey

Hey there

How's things?

Not bad at all, just loaded a ton of new NFT templates to pinata. How are you?

I am good is these templates for your bears?

These templates are for my telegram game the Bear Cave, I’ll be minting the new bears later this week.

Awh the first time we had you in for a meet the artist it was just purely about a WAX project you were doing and now you have expanded.

Yes we totally have! I’ve grown personally as well and learned a lot about existing in the NFT space.

It feels like it’s been ages haha the first interview was really fun!

Oh stop 100 interviews later lol think I have a better grasp off it lol . So I had to get you back because your NFT game lobby is booming and I have a lot of your bears . Our community is the heart of our collection! We consider ourselves the “NFT Underground” But really, it’s the most open, welcoming group in the space. Of course I’m bias, but our community is truly amazing.

Tell us about the community game you have going?

Well, it's called the Bear Cave on Telegram. Once you join the group, you are given some options. You can enter the cave and that gives you a chance to pull a "donut" or "six pack of donuts" NFT. You can then burn that NFT in your wallet and can take a chance to "chase the butterfly." Chasing gives you a chance to win a honeypot.


Those honeypots can be opened in our main group chat on Telegram! Some might even have a 1/1 NFT : )

What is the aim of the game?

The aim of the game currently is P2C or Play to Collect. Honeypots contain very rare NFTs. We currently have an awesome expansion planned that's going to include some new stuff. Let's just say I pinned about 40 NFTs that will apply to the Bear Cave soon ; )

How often can you play?

So gameplay is tied to a collection energy cap. Each NFT from the collection that is held in your wallet will give you +5 to your energy cap . You regenerate the used energy over time at +10 per hour.

Ah so the more NFTs you hold more you can do?

Yes, or the more you can do over more time. You can enter the cave every 10 seconds, if you had that available energy haha .It can be a bit much at first haha but it starts making sense pretty quickly after playing a game key is also required to play.

Ah so how many NFTs do you need to start?

Donuts and Six Packs do not count towards the energy cap. The game key + 3 NFTs would allow someone to enter the cave twice an hour. Also the NFTs won in the game and honeypots are stakeable in Wombat Dungeon.

Is it free to start?

It is not free to start, sadly. We do offer a "starter pack" that's only 13 Wax. You'll get the game key + a sticker pack that has 3 NFTs + a donut.

So how do people earn the bears?

There are different series of bears. We have a separate drop for 4/20. It's a new randomly-generated collection that will be considered the official "Shifty Bears" and in the Cave we have another series of bears called "Jet Ski Dreamz"


Ah so there is different collections is ones available to buy on the market?

For the most part exactly, there will never be a drop for the Jet Ski Bearz and they are all 1/1s. They can only be won in game.

So I guess that gives them added value . What was the first bear created?


Shifty Bear #001 . The overall design has evolved some.

How has the design evolved?


I’ve been referring to them as v2 Shifty Bears . We love the music in our community, so we all voted on 3 music genres and every bear trait is related to each one, Hip Hop, EDM, and Rock.

Ah how are they created?

I hand draw all of them on my iPad. Layer by layer.

Oh wow how long they take?

I’d say around 4-6 hours.

How many have you created?

The original version I created almost 50 in total. The new versions will be randomly generated and will be limited to around 500 or 1K.

So it will become pfp project will any be available to buy on the market?

Yes it will! A completely public drop.

So these will be different to the game?

Not completely different, they’ll provide energy and I’m sure some will make their way to the honeypots haha . Everything will fall under the Shifty Bears X collection.

Will there be any collabs in there or rarity?

No collabs in there yet but we’re definitely interested in working with other artists. Each trait will have a determined rarity so some will be harder to pull than others.

Who would you like to work with?

Straight up, it would have to be Mr Twofu from SkunkyChunks and Maiki from Twitter.

Of course they are two great artist . What has been the biggest lesson you have learned so far from doing two different projects?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is managing time effectively. We’ve got a great team over at the SBX and they help keep everything moving forward in a way that makes the most sense.

What's the best thing about doing this project?

The best thing? Probably all of the awesome people I meet everyday. Lots I would consider friends.

What's the worst part of doing the project?

The worst part? The space can be “cliquey” sometimes and it’s hard to find where you fit in. That can leave people feeling isolated.

I know but there is lots of mini community's out there which help . Where the best to keep up to date with the project?

Definitely our Telegram, some of the best people in the NFT space: https://t.me/mrbearhangout

And where can we buy your NFTs?

You can find all of our NFTs on Nefty Blocks, https://neftyblocks.com/c/shiftybearsx

When the next drop?

Next drop is on 4/20! v2 Shifty Bears!

Is that open to everyone or whitelist?

This drop will be open to everyone and will be live on ChainChamps.com

Is there a favorite out of the new drop?


There’s so many it’s hard to pick a personal favorite, my favorite trait would have to be the BearMau5 helmet.

How much will they cost?

They'll cost around 25-40 Wax each.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?


Yes definitely! I can donate a couple of bear cave starter packs.

Brilliant before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

Artists on Wax are here to stay.

Of course bro.

Thanks for the taking the time to do this as well! The SBX always appreciates their neighborhood Crackers.

Anytime bro honestly.





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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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