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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 17 Mar 2022

I have know this artist since just before Christmas when he bounced on to the seen with his larger then life giraffe and to be honest they have kind of exploded all over WAX we have had plans to do a meet the artist but life got in the way well we finally got it done and here it is .

Welcome bro . How you doing today?

Pretty Good Just been super busy!

Thats a good thing did you do much?

Well been preparing a pack drop for next week for the collab pieces that don't sell out by next Wednesday. Went and ran some errands earlier and had breakfast with the fam. Other than that not much!

Busy enough day so . How have collab pieces been selling?

It's hit or miss this was kind of a test run and studies show massive drops aren't the best way to market but the WAX Fam still took the drop by storm!


How did your crypto journey start?

Y'know I was listening to Gary Vee's podcast a lot and he hounded and hounded about it so I finally jumped in. Made a Metamask wallet back in early December, learned what I could jumping in and out of spaces and making friends with knowledgeable people in the space. Finally about a month ago stumbled into Kuma who told me about WAX and the rest was history!

Ah and what made you start creating?

I've always been a creator of sorts I've tried streaming and have drawn and played video games and music since I was young. The dream growing up was to be able to put my talents to work for me and make what I love doing a dream job eventually. NFTs just gave me easy access to do that. Growing up your parents put that stigma on you that you need to go to college and get a good job. I don't want my son to live by the same stigma. The world's abundant and even creators can do something with themselves if they play their cards right Web 3 is proof of that

What's the whole idea behind your project?

The whole idea is just to be me and be quirky. I got called giraffe a lot growing up so it's always kind of been my nickname. I didn't see a whole lot of 1/1 pfp action on WAX besides you know like lupe and I thought making little pfp giraffes would be kind of a cool way to put a piece of myself into every one of them. I mean yea sometimes I like to change the style up a bit and test the waters a bit but the giraffes, yet simple, kind of take on different personalities. Y'know?

Of course so how have community reacted to your project?

I feel like as soon as I stepped in the door to wax the community gathered around me and lifted me up and supported me from the start. That's not something you get on other blockchains. It's definitely been an unreal ride. That's for sure.

When did you launch your first NFT?

I tried back in December when I was first getting into it and testing the scene out. Nothing really successful until I dropped giraffes end of January.

Oh so what was your first drop?

I dropped 10 giraffes and then auctioned off the 1st giraffe I ever made. Sold out in 2 days! It was magical!


That was the first one!

How many have you dropped since?

Oh man I have over 487 assets dropped since launch but that includes the non 1/1s 45 1/1s .

Nice so do you a favorite?

So far it'd be the Hydra.

How come?


Just look at it! You've never seen this much raffe in one photo!

Ha ha ha . So how do you go about create a new NFT?

In the beginning everything was generated but lately I'm bored with the ai generation I didn't draw nearly enough assets from the randomizer. So lately I've been making em myself with random ideas that just stick. I still reuse some old assets where they fit if it saves me time but I've been hand drawing a bunch lately. Don't wanna lose my edge

How long does each of your NFTs take to create?

It depends, sometimes I can get in the groove and knock it out in a few hours but I mean I'm human and some days there's that burnout and I gotta either change it up or just really take my time with it. I'm sure we all deal with depression in some form somedays.

Its a part of life sadly . What programs you using for creating?

Photoshop mainly. I've been taking to more animation stuff recently and have a lot in the works as far as 3D creations go in Blender and DaVinci for cutting video together.

I know you have a lot of collabs out there is there one you are missing?

I would love to do one with lupe! Just gotta get a hold of him.

Is he your favorite artist?

No I'd say Shnazzy is. I like watching her progress in the vids she posts on Tiktok. Very inspiring!

What's the biggest collection in your wallet?

Like most pieces I've collected? Probably Kryptokumas . He got me into this whole thing. I owe him my love and support for turning my life around. I was close to giving up.

What's been the best part of project?

The best part is just to freely express myself and seeing everyone gravitate toward it and support me the way they've done. I couldn't do it without the wax fam.

What's been the hardest part?

The imposter syndrome. After being conditioned by the school system and parenting to look at success a certain way, it feels unreal or undeserving of me sometimes when experiencing a successful drop or something.

Have you brought anyone in wax?

Actually onboarded a guy I met in a T-Mobile store today. Helped him get his wallet set up and sent him a few packs to open and stuff.

Oh wow that's brilliant . What your family think of your project?

They don't really understand the ins and outs but my wife is pretty supportive as long as I make time for her and my son!

Lol what you like to do to unwind?

Play guitar sometimes but mainly game or binge shows.

What games?

Mainly been trying to get into blockchain gaming to make value of my "wasted time" Immersys mainly.

Tell us a random fact about you?

I asked my brother in law because I'm so anti me and couldn't think of anything but he said "you're more talented than you think and let most people believe"

Where is the best place to keep up with your project?



Twitter mainly, but discord gets to see more progress!

Where can we buy your NFTs?



Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Nah, worlds abundant there's enough for all of us to eat.

That's no problem . Before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say?

I'd probably just touch on the fact that balance is key. Web 3 is exciting and we tend to get caught up in the rush of everything. Don't burn yourself out. It's OK to take breaks. We're all human. Love yourself and love each other. That's all.

Well thank you so much for your time its been a pleasure.

Thank you!

So I am giving away one of his NFTs to celebrate are meet the artist and that fact its paddy day here in Ireland plus don't forget to check his links for his NFTs 




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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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