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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 10 Feb 2024

I came across this project through one of the many chats I am in Telegram and have to say its great seeing new project still coming out this project is all about positivity and awareness . The creator and artist Shaggy not the singer lol wants to promote good vibes to all .


Hey man


How's things?

It's going alright trying too keep everyone positive and have a good healthy mindset

Tell me how long you in crypto?

I've been in crypto for about a few years now the wax community anyway.

What brought you to the Wax blockchain?

I honestly came about first from (EOS) on wombat then discovered wax blockchain had much more opportunity and much more people, and there was more you could do with Wax than EOS so I than made the switch. It was the best decision I've ever made and never looked back!

When did you decide to create on Wax?

I decided too create on wax about 2 weeks ago I had trial and errors in the past. And testing everything too make sure I get it all perfect

So your new to the creating side where the idea for the project come from?

Well I personally suffer from different abilities and my family and friends as well. And I know that some people either don't know or anything or very little. And I wanted too spread awareness about it along with mental health and much more. I know I'm only one person but one person can have a HUGE impact on others. Along with the words that have a impact on others even if they don't notice it right away it does. And I want too shed light on it as much as I can and maybe have some learn something new

That sounds interesting so how will you represent that in your NFTs?

I plan too put the ribbon that will represent the ability the kitty has along with trying my best with a background representing the effects it has on a individual and how hard it can be for them in there day to day life. And how they are just like everyone else and shouldn't be treated differently. I also add a pretty descriptive description for each NFT. They each one means the world too me and I put my heart into them I'm no Picasso but I can try too my best too spread awareness and maybe change the outlook some may have too be more positive on life because it's very short and we should always spread positivity and love.

So the main characters will be cats?

Yeah I focus on 8 bit digital cats. and I love cats and how they come in different shapes and sizes, and all have different traits kinda like people with different abilities in a way

How many have you created so far?

I've created I believe around 50 or more. I am currently working on 10 different cancers and how they affect the individual and their loved ones. I try and create 10 at a time and put them in a pack and sell them pretty cheap because everyone should get a chance too learn about another.

What was the first one you created?


The first kitty I ever created wasn't about awareness I wanted too create my own cat IRL called Moki he looks like a cow but acts like a dog it's pretty hilarious I call him the reincarnation of my passed dog looks and acts like him. So In contribute I created one just like my cat but then soon ventured off onto spreading awareness. But reminds me I also create pixel art of individuals animals that have passed on and put them on the blockchain so they can live forever than send them the NFT free with there story and title they chose.

That's really cool idea have you created many pixel art of passed on animals?

I've create 2 so far it's been pretty empowering and emotional but in the best way because they tell there story and so forth I'm still creating a few in the making as well I just want it too be a loving and memorable too everyone

How you creating them?

If they individual wants one done no pressure at all but I ask them too send me a picture and I try my best too turn it all into 8 bit and ask them there story about it and if they want too share it in my group and everyone can bond and make memories that way as well but it takes some times days too create but its definitely worth it

How long they take to create?

It usually takes about 2-3 days for loved ones that have passed and for my Kittys it take anywhere from 2 hours too 6 depending on the details and I try to make them all have a moving background frame by frame

What program you using for creating the NFTs?

I currently use Pixilart app on my phone it has a lot of cool features and allows me too do unlimited frames and I have more tools on there than others than I have found. Which comes in handy when I'm on a crunch time

What has been your favorite to create?


That's a hard one too answer but it would probably have too be autism awareness or suicide prevention awareness kitty

Is there room for collabs in your project?

Oh yes I currently have collabed with Waxhispano for my first ever colab and have a few more coming soon 🤐🤫 and honored too have anyone else colab with me it means a lot too me personally if another project owner colabs with me because they can help spread awareness with me

Who would be your dream collab on Wax?

Oh that's probably the hardest question yet. There is so many wonderful projects on Wax. Oh that is a tough one I'd have too probably say other than crackers of course it'd have too be either SSU or TACO but Its really so hard too choose because I'd love too colab with everyone too spread awareness

Nice so your open to all collabs I presume you collect NFTs yourself?

I got a little collection myself nothing too major as i want to dabble and support everyone's project big or small

Ah I understand . What has been the best part of doing the project?

Its got to be connecting with people on a different level and bonding and making memories that'll I'll cherish when I'm in a retirement home eventually and spreading awareness for theses who need it most <3

What has been the hardest part of the project?

It would probably trying too perfect the NFTs too where the best represent what I'm aiming for because I want them to do justice and make them melt your heart and hopefully change the way people think into positive instead of a negative way even when life throws mountains your way. Just throw on your hiking boots and get to climbing you may find some beautiful sites no one has seen before

Is there any plans for putting Utility on your NFTs like backed with Wax or staking farms?

Oh yes currently we have all Kittys have staking power on steakpool but I plan on switching too Waxdao some time soon. And I plan too have some Kittys become backed with wax as well. And in the way future have more utility and explore potentially a game but that would be in the future and is still up in the air. I also have a planet on galactic123 that one pickaxe kitty gives bonuses per dig that give extra (ECR) and may have more Kittys in the future that give more bonuses.


What does your family think of your project?

They love the fact I'm trying too spread awareness and that I'm spreading love and positivity because let's face it there is a lot of negatively in this world and I know I'm just once voice but I know I can make a difference in at least someone's life and maybe have a positive impact on the wax community

What do you like to do when your not creating?

I love spending time in nature and spending all my time with my little one and teaching him everything I possibly can. And spending time with family is my all time favorite thing I love doing walking and spending time in nature and hiking too new places along and trying too put a smile on a stranger's face every day

You really are all about positive energy?

Oh yeah I grew up having a lot of trauma etc. but I want people too know no matter what your going through I'll always be there for you and it's never done and over with get back up on your feet and keep going it'll get better soon I promise you soon you'll look back and laugh and say that was a wild time

When your next drop?

I will have one coming up on valentine's day a colab with David morphs I'm really excited about that may or may not have a blend I'll have too leave that until the day of the drop ;) and plan on dropping my first cancer awareness pack shortly after that which will contain 10 NFTs that have different cancer and them beating it too give courage and hope for thoses who are fighting it! And I want them too know along with everyone I'll always be here for anyone who needs someone too talk too I never judge anyone and only spread love and happiness and try too uplift everyone

Where can we keep up with the project?

On my twitter and telegram I'll drop the links for both and I plan too eventually get on facebook and Instagram too help spread awareness

Exotic Kittys telegram

Exotic Kittys twitter

Where can we buy your NFTs?

I'm mainly on Neftyblocks but I also have a few drops on NFTHive I plan too have drops on both I'll link then below



I throw all the proceeds back into exotic Kittys too help me spread awareness faster and I have the community vote on almost everything I do

Do you fancy doing a giveaway for the readers?

Oh yes I would love too do a giveaway I can send a gold kitty which is extremely rare and a few packs

Nice on before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

I'd like too say if anyone has anything there struggling with just know exotic Kittys are here for you always and if you need someone too talk too I'm here I'll never judge anyone and always keep a positive mindset because positive things will come back too you and never be afraid too say your ability because it just makes more human and compassionate and can help others understand you as a individual and always remember exotic kittyz love you all and stay positive

Thank you for your time today and wish you good luck with the project

I appreciate you giving small projects like mine a chance and opportunity

Love to let all projects get there voice out there

I appreciate it so much and on behalf of others as well we appreciate you crackers so much

Thank you

Thank you crackers

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