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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 29 Jun 2022

This is quite a cool little project from a team in the Netherlands that you can earn free NFTs from visiting them in there cafè sativa but lets hear from them.


Hey man


How's things?

Everything good. Bit busy lately since normal life came back to Amsterdam...but its nice to have people again . Thanks a lot for this opportunity . What about you?

I know the feeling trying to get back to the day to day after a break. No need to thank me.

Yeah...also this couple of years of quarantines were felling like a whole life at the shop hahaha.

I never thought it would end . How did your crypto journey start?

Well it was for a few things. One of my colleagues introduce me into crypto, my partner and I got pregnant and we started to think in future. Then trying to learning more I came across NFTs and that got me quite harder than crypto itself, I think there is amazing possibilities for what can be use for not just for gaming or trade

And what made you start creating NFTs?

I start to think in ways to use NFTs in real world, how would be possible to make people use them for read their magazines or even for make a farm. Then I met Farming Tales and I just got in love and really inspired. The idea of make a projects related with our coffeeshop came to me, in the beginning it would be just kind of trading cards, to give back something to our customers and create something beautiful. We wanted to proof that coffee Shop workers can also create amazing things and give back to the community.


Sounds interesting and how many are involved in the project?

We are three founders K3rrb, MightyS and I. Ángel, our amazing 3D artist, he is able to bring to life any crazy idea that you can image. Romeo2, graphic designer and the one behind all the letterings and 2D art and last but not less Mario our developer, we want to create a App to make easy all the process getting the NFTs in the shop.

How did you explain it to your customers?

Many people have still this dark image like if we are criminals, but if you come to visit Amsterdam, you'll see that mostly of us are young and creative people who actually has a lot to offer Right now we have a TV running our NFTs so people can see them and fell interested. When someone ask about it I'm happy to explain them about NFTs and crypto and about our project, its also the perfect way to bring people into it in a funny way.

So have you brought many customers on bord?

The interest of the majority is still growing, mostly is people who is already into crypto and they understand. But we are not in a hurry, we want to have a long term project and I'm sure crypto is going to have a mass adoption in next years. We can continue learning and growing with the people and have all that experience when NFTs become bigger .

Do you all work in the café?

Ooh no, only me and MightyS, I work in the café full time. Sometimes is hard to balance hahaha.

Who does what in the team?

Right now K3rrb and I are the one leading more the project and we have almost daily communication, we are both very active and curious so we are all the time sending ideas or progress, the rest of the team join when it's their moment to work. We all have full time job and try to keep everything going on

What is the long term plan?

Try to connect with other projects and artists who think out of the pot, people who think further and bring the future to our days. We are in weird an crazy times and we want to be part of a change, we believe is possible to create a better world and crypto and NFTs can be a tool to give the power to the people.

When did you launch the project?

We started to work on it around June 2021 and we drop our first NFTs at the end of October.

What was the first NFT you dropped?



How did the community react?

We had a very good feedback, the stickers are very colorfull and our artist Romeo2 was a killer with those letterings in graffiti, he is a natural artist since very young

How many NFTs have you brought out?

We have 3 generations of stickers with 10 stickers in the first and 5 in the last two generations, 3 NSWeed (our main NFTs) and two Golden NFTs. We made also a few collabs and created the assets for the hemp season of Farming Tales . Also we've released over 2700 NFTs, all of them for free.

Oh wow that's some amount is there any ulitly with your NFTs?

For now just utility at the shop. Since we didn't sell them our market volume is a bit low, but we are working in some ideas to bring it a little bit up and be able to connect with other bigger projects.

Oh really so utility in the shop?

Yes, you get some discount in your purchase and of course with the first visit to the shop we give a Golden Windmill, that allows the owner to claim our stickers for free.

How do you guys come up with the ideas for your NFTs?

In every NSWeed there is a different artist collaborating with us and a different strain. First we have some brainstorm with the artist to find what we would like to say with this NFT and which of our strains they like. We try to find something that inspire the artist and then give our stoner view. After that Angel and I try to bring all those ideas together and create a little short animation . The last one is about retro games and Angel did an amazing job creating a version of K3rrb fighting against a Weed Lizard.

What programs you guys use for creating?

Angel and I use blender for the 3D and Romeo2 after effects for 2D.

How long does it normal take to finish a NFT?

NSWeed are taking around a month even a month and a half the last one. It's 54 seconds of animation and we like to work details as much as we can. Also we try to connect stickers and NSWeeds to make all have sense

Of course do you a favorite?

Mmm hard to choose. I love Moonrock and the last one Strawberry Banana Kush, I've made the room in the first scene and I'm very proud of the result.

I know you have done some collabs is there a dream collab out there for you?

There is a bunch of collabs I'd love to haha for sure Graffiti Kings is a project I'd love to collab with and also Critter Craft, K3rrb use to play Grubfish Royale in his streams and we find it super funny.

Do you collect NFTs?

Yes, I'm not any whale but I'm proud owner of a nice collection with a good variety of projects. Even I introduced my partner and she is starting to collect more and more hehe.

What is your favorite collection you collect?

Mmm I think Non Fungible-drugs is one of my favorite collection and game, together with Farming Tales. One of my first collections was Gods and Legends, super cool how they combine NFTs with comics and game.

What been the best part of doing the project?

The creative process is with no doubt the best part. Thanks to the project I've jumped into 3D modeling and I love to be able to create objects and scenes than later comes to life.

What has been the hardest part?

There is many things that we can't do and many physical collaborations that that we would like to make but is not possible. First because we are a cannabis project and some projects and foundations don't fell very comfortable about it but also because crypto and cannabis are in a grey area legally talking. Because of that sometimes is very hard to achieve some milestones.

What you like to do to unwind?

Right now I spend all my free time with my little boy and my family, they recharge my batteries like anything, but I also like to juggling and as Spanish I'm good cooking and even better eating hahaha.


What your family think of your project?

They like it and encourage me to continue, my partner is my biggest supporter and this project wouldn't exist without her, even my grandma find super funny our NFTs

When is the next drop?

We opened the blend for the last NSWeed 1 week and a half ago and it will remain open for one month more. The next NSWeed is already in creative process but we are re-designing some parts of the project and we will make some promotional NFTs and collabs while the community wait.

Where is the best place to keep up with your project?

Our Discord group is the best place to be up-to-date of all the news and to get in contact with the team in case of doubts or collabs.



Where can we get your NFTs?

In AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks, NFTHive or making us a visit in Sativa Amsterdam




Any chance of a giveaway for the readers?


Of course!! Ill send you a full set of stickers from Generation III

Check the link below to win .

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to cover or say

I'd like to thanks to everyone who support or participate with us, all this start from a crazy idea and we are very happy of all the love the community shows. We know sometimes our project goes a bit slower than others but our stoner family can be sure that we are always working to bring to them the "Highest" quality NFTs.

Guys if you are visiting Amsterdam dont forget to check in and say hi.

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