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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 9 Mar 2023

Well its the game first birthday next month and I had to check with Pier to see what the latest news is with the project . Now this is one of the first playable pixel games on Wax and has lots of other projects hidden in side it also has a NFT you can buy and become a NPC in the game . 36afa39dad3dafd98c105d5178c09cf6.png

Hey Bro


How's things?

All good cracks what about you?

I am ok just do some fiat mine work lol . Well your coming up to your 1st wax birthday how you feeling about it?

Its cool, hope this makes people realize we are serious about the project 1 year and worked on it everyday. I'm testing the new quest system as we speak the quest is brutal lol its about the waxitalia collection. Actually I've been 2 years on wax but its Pixtalgia 1st birthday.

oh nice what can you tell us about the quest?

Well so far we only had aquascape giving prizes for the quest now we are adding the other NPCs. So in a couple days you will be able to make quests for Waxitalia, Cosmic Alien and Goparel as well (and win their NFTs), but after that pretty much all NPCs will have their quests, you too 😁

You are here 2 years but building 1 year did you think at the start you would have so much support from the community and other projects?

Well one of the reasons I fell in love with wax was how welcoming the community was. I first started on online inn and loved the vibes there. But no the love Pixtalgia gets is already beyond what I could ever have imagined.

Yea frazel is a great community leader

He is great. His work has inspired me greatly and this is a tribute to the inn.


How will the project be celebrating its first birthday?

We are doing a little party/AMA/meet in the NFTOPIA with all the team and a couple surprises from a few guests. Nothing special, I don't expect many people, but its gonna be fun even if a couple people show up. We will be giving away some limited birthday adventurers and something more if I manage to prepare something cool in time.


Will there be any special quests in game to celebrate?

Not really didn't thought about that lol. if we do add something it will be thanks to you 😁 we are working on a lot of quests and the space game so that skipped our mind, but who knows we might be able to squeeze that in.

Speaking of the space game how is that coming?

Its a blast, I cant wait, I'm super hyped at first it will be only a level but we will have a lot more 100% and just the first of many minigames that integrate with the main game . But after we finish the space game, we wont add more immediately, need to get back improving the main game but yes it will be so fun and will have a leaderboard, with rewards too its almost finished.

When will it go live?

The "When" are always hard. The main dev unfortunately hasn't got a lot of free time between work and family (he has a newborn daughter too) so dev time is scarce. But we might have it out in 1-2 guarantees that is our main issue so far then there is also a lot of testing to be done. We will try to release it as soon as its finished and improving/fixing along the way as usual, I think no longer than a couple weeks but you never know.

But we already did some nice progress from that one.

oh really

It is going to be your classic NES style space shooter.

Oh cool is this a mini game that is continues?

It is a minigame, it will be integrated in the main game basically allows you to travel to other planets it will be essential for example to travel to other worlds.

Oh so it will play a big part soon enough?

Exactly as we have partnered with Alien Worlds and I am building planet Eyeke you will need to complete a space level to go to the planet that's another big thing I really look forward to as well.

Oh you kept that well hidden? Will that be the planet?


Yes we didn't advertise much, we want to have something more built before big announcements but its no secret!


When will that go live?

Again hard to talk about when's but I have calculated 1-2 months before opening Eyeke. Its really another kind of job as I want to be faithful to the lore and I need to imagine a planet in an already existing imagined universe, so its both challenging and fun, something new for me. I have a lot of space to imagine something new but I still need to be faithful to Alien Worlds lore. So its not easy but on the other side its pretty inspiring

Really is man that's amazing and will it be accessed on Alienworlds?

No it will be a new Pixtalgia zone you will access it through the space section. Its all still part of the main game

Ah I get is there new zones coming?

Yep, Eyeke is one of the new zones, but I'm working on other areas on "Earth" as well. Basically when you cross the sea at the end of level you won't be able to progress further. Until we open the next area, which is just as big and many more will come. The world will be a lot bigger and involve other planets too. Each zone will be approximately same size as current area. So game will be 3 times larger soon.

Oh brilliant you have come so far in the first year and from the sound of it the 2nd year will be even bigger?

I always say I hope we're going to build this for decades and hopefully even more games. But all of them sharing the same NFTs/collection, so the idea is 1 NFT will be worth in all our games. A Pixtalgia adventurer someday might be useable in all our upcoming games. We would like to become a proper studio. But yeah I am not rushing the building too much, I will also come back on previous areas and make them more entertaining, so far its pretty much placeholders and tests

Of course that would be brilliant.

We are still in very early development phase.

of course.

Oh and 2 collections you suggested to me which are indeed a great match, Antlyers and Cryptocross are coming in game as well soon . Cryptocross would be great for a minigame like Excitebike so something like that would be great. I also dream of a Senor Lupe inspired cowboy minigame. But yes after the Space game and with the Alien Worlds Planets coming we probably wont start work on other minigames soon but we have new sidegames coming soon, we will focus on the main game (the platformer), which still needs ton of work. we aren't really even started on the combat.

I thought the would be great for you to work with and a dirty bike mini game would be cool.

Yes that would be awesome and I'm sure will come at some point. We also did some talks with Red from Order Works which has provided great input and we are talking about a collaboration which would be one of a kind, he does great swords and we want to integrate them in Pixtalgia

Red is great love the guy . Is there many new drops coming up?

yeah he is very talented! Yes, working on the next pack - we haven't done them in a while. But I want to drop it when all the new characters and spaceships are game-ready.

Can you say what will be coming up in the packs?


Swords from Red into Pixtalgia


There will be a lot of new Adventurers, a guaranteed Spaceship, some weapons/equipment, collectible promos and might find a Pet as well! Gonna be quite a big pack.

Oh nice . Any chance we can have one of the birthday adventures NFTs to giveaway?

but of course lets give 5 away but remember to attend the b-day party!! hehehe

I will do you think we have covered everything?

Really hope we gonna celebrate Pixtalgia 20th anniversary on wax someday I think we covered quite a bit!!

Hopefully I am still around lol.

If you haven't checked out his game yet click the link below






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