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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 22 Feb 2023

Have you heard about Blockspingaming yet if not lets give you some small details about them they are based in six different countries across the world and this is there second game they have built there first one is Pipupwarlords you can check that project on twitter here

The really reason we are here for there fun free game they have out that you can win NFTs off lots of blockchains which include Wax , BNB , Solana and Polygon in there daily weekly and monthly draws just for playing slot machines for free there is an option to buy coins through your Wax or your Sol wallets with other wallets coming soon .


So how do you get coins well that's the easy part you get coins every day just for logging in and playing at least one game like most gaming sites your daily coin bonus goes up the more days you log in and play . When you start on day one you get only a hundred coins but continually logging in each day your daily rewards go up


You can also win hourly leaderboards which I came 6th today for the first time earning an extra 180 coins there is also Achievements where for big wins I also have only won one so . There is 14 different slot machine games you can play which you can unlock from your gems but you start with 4 unlocked to start earning from .


Here is my current states so while I am writing this I am going to spend all gems my gems at the end of the month to try win there monthly draw but till then I will continue playing hopefully earn another 83,000 so I can buy 2 silver tickets .


  • Bronze tokens 10,000 Gems

  • Silver tokens 100,000 Gems

  • Gold tokens 400,000 Gems

I kind of stick to one game as I find it is the best for paying out for me which is called Tigerland like most games it has minimum and maximum of bet going from 10 coins up to 1000 coins and even have auto spin and again you can 10 to a 100 spins a go .


I play it on my phone through my web browser I am not to sure if there is an app for it but it does run smoothly that I don't think they would need an app . Here is there current NFTs on Wax that you can win


If you want to keep up with the project check there twitter page

And if you want to dive if and give it ago check my referral link below and which I earn a 100o coins for new players

I am hoping to get to chat to the team about this and there other projects soon.


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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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