Antlers project update phase 2

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 4 Mar 2023

Right I first chatted to this project back in July last year and he is back with his new phase which he will be announcing very soon I got the details here and asked tried to get him to give as much information as possible. He also has a collab pack out with Breadcritter at the moment to buy on his Neftyblocks page  if you want to read up about are first interview check the link below


Hey man


How things?

Things are going well! I have been taking it slow the past few months, gathering ideas and putting together the next phase of the project! How about yourself?

Cant complain just started my weekend . I think a lot of projects have been taking it slow . What is coming up in the next phase of project?

Alright so, phase two will consist of:

- Collaborating with more collections

- Utilize the Token Bridge to add Antlyerworld to multiple chains

- Exclusive 1/1 Antlyer auctions

- Whitelist-only drops for certain events

- I also make physical art, and incorporating my paintings into the Antlyerworld universe is something I am looking forward to doing

- Airdropping NFT's to the holders of Antlyers

- Bring Antlyerworld into the real world!

- Collaborating with musical artists to bring their music to Antlyers (exclusive cover art, songs, interviews with artists, etc.)

-Incorporating new ways to capture the captivation of my collectors

- And continually utilizing the new updates available on our blockchain!

Hopefully much more, but as of right now that is all I can think of!

Ok that's a lot of information lets break it down . So what collabs do you have coming up?

Currently, there are no collaborations for me coming up. I am always actively looking for collaborations as well!

Token bridge are you going onto new blockchains?

Yes, I hope to be on ETH and maybe MATIC if they add it later in the future, But I'm always open to ideas and new chains!

So your going to expand so will the 1 of 1s be on the new chains or on Wax as well?

Well, there are a lot of Antlyer 1/1s currently on the WAXP blockchain, as well as Antlyers that have multiple variants. Might as well just do both!

What you mean bring Antlyerworld into the real world?

Antlyer art, purchasing different types of advertisements (like billboards, but that could be a stretch!), doing more with Antlyers in person! I am lucky enough to be in a position where I am close friends with a few local artists and musical geniuses who have some great platforms with solid foundation! Incorporating Antlyers into the various projects they embark upon would bring antlyer into the real world in more ways than I could imagine!


That sounds brilliant and is that already in the works?

No advertisements yet, but the rest is fully in process!

Man this is an incredible list to do is there a time frame for all this?

Not really, I have a rough plan for when things should happen, but you never know how it will go!

Will there be a Waxdao farm being made?

Hmmmmm Might just start that today!

Do drop me a link if you do . So the new white listing drops why you bringing them in?

Of course! Most certainly will for the whitelisting, I want to offer exclusive drops that reward holders of Antlyer NFTs

Can I ask how many Antlyers are there out there now?

There are 755 total NFTs out there, with 168 different templates

Do you have many ready to drop?

Yes! I have about four drops lined up. Closest drop would be 05/03/2023!

Any sneak peaks?

Yes I do


Should we do another giveaway for the project update conversation!?

Thats up to you

I would love to! I was thinking about making a special 1/1 crackers x Antlyers piece that is only available through the giveaway!


Nice bro love it . Of course so before we finish up is there anything you want to cover?

I think we did a good job!

If you want to check out his collection and where to keep up with his project check out the link below

Check out are competition on Twitter below 

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