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The importance of technology is being recognized and acknowledged globally, proving to be more reliable in solving our day-to-day problems and challenges.

  With the growing rate of digitization, a currency which would serve as a means of exchange was needed to combat the problems of the normal world currency such as theft, depreciation, Central banking system etc. This led to the creation of crypto-currency.

  Crypto-currency is otherwise known as digital gold. Crypto-currency is a comfortable means of payment with a worldwide scope and they are private and anonymous enough to serve as a means of payment for businesses and any other economic activities.

Crypto-currency has given birth to an incredibly dynamic fast growing market for investors and spectators. Also their daily trade volume exceeds that of a major European stock exchange and it promises to preserve and increase its value overtime.

However, the Crypto-currency industry is faced with some challenges which include lack of funds for creation of new cryto-project and lack of adoption of the Crypto-currency for use by people. 

A large number of people are yet to adopt the Crypto-currency for use and project developers are sometimes discouraged from making their project a reality due to lack of funds for development. These problems has really slowed down the Crypto-currency market hindering it from showing up it potential to the world. 

pproaches are being made to tackle this problem of lack of adoption and funds. An example of such approach is the creation of digital platforms. 


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Oniz is a decentralized digital platform created with the aim of providing a complete and reliable solution to the problem of lack of adoption and funds affecting the Crypto-currency industry. 

It aims at doing that by making use of new and improved technologies and improvised strategies to combat the problems of the Crypto-currency market. 

Now let's consider......... 


Oniz has to its advantage sophisticated technology like the blockchain technology which is a very potent tool for use in the digital era. Benefits provided by Oniz includes;


With the Oniz token, Oniz would facilitate funds generation for crypto-currency projects. By providing the token to worthy projects devoloper, thus bringing smile to the face of devoloper.

This project developed will together enhance the global adoption of crypto-currency which will help raise our standard of living, improve the world economic sector and help in our transition into a digital era. 


The Oniz token is safe and private enough for use as a means of exchange. The Oniz token created by Oniz is a crypto-currency which can be used for transactions purposes and also for marketing of goods and services as marketing and transactions can be done seamlessly and fast. With the Oniz token transaction details are secured and kept private. These would encourage people to actively participate in the Crypto-currency exchange market thus promoting the world economic sector and global adoption. 


With the Oniz token owners can play different types of games that is linked to the Oniz platform, payment done on the platform is fast and easy. 

With online sports betting now becoming a trend, holders of the Oniz token can purchase betting tips for sports of their choice ranging from football, golf, basketball online casinos etc which is based on real analysis.

Also with the creation of A.I technology Oniz aim to provide an increased winning rate of participant in the betting and games industry.

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Holders of the Oniz token can also use the token to pay for products and for transactions purpose more especially products related to the Oniz platform. As the token is reliable and safe enough for use for those purposes. 


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The benefits provided by Oniz is too nemerous to mention but with the few mentioned we can conclude that Oniz is truly the man of the hour needed to bring about a great revolution to crypto-currency market and it problems.

For more information use the links

Website : https://oniz.co/#

Whitepaper : https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/Onizco

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Onizco

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rEAZsLqirE6pVPsv1Ct0A

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