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Straw-Beary wondering if we will come play in the cold.

Snow, Straw-Beary, and the pestilence that begins to tarry.

***Turns out, it was not at all lucky 7.***

**I'm finishing writing this on Week 8, so some of the writing will reflect that. Week 8's should be down on Friday 03/10/23**

Lucky number 7! Has it been that many weeks already fellow Publish0x goers? Seems like it was just two weeks ago I wrote the first entry into this blog. Today has been interesting. Snow outside, yearly rental inspection, being sick, and indoor garden maintenance. So a lot going on without actually a lot going on. C'est la vie.

First I thought I would share some pictures of the snow. We only got about three inches in total by the next morning, but other areas got closer to 10 inches of snow!



This is a picture of our almost three year old Siberian Husky, his name is Straw-Beary. He loves being out in the cold and snow, but it doesn't snow much here. He was a lot happier once all of the ground was covered with snow.

Now the plants!

Some amazing news is I have been able to keep the PM (powdery mildew) in check, and it's no longer present in the tent. I'm currently doing one spray a week to keep it that way. If I don't notice any building I may slow that to once every two weeks, or just spray as necessary. The fungus gnats on the other hand are a pestilence! I've been trying to keep the spays strength low, in fear of burning the plants leaves, or flowering sites. I think I will have to do a heavy spray to try and get rid of them. The sticky pads work, but they almost multiply faster than they get stuck.

I decided to apply some more Bokashi and fertilizers to the soil this week. Hopefully this will give the plants a nice boost to prepare them for growing and focusing on flowers instead of vegetative growth.




Assorted Chocolates: 

She's looking great, and I'm excited to see her progress. I like the mystery of not knowing what Chocolate Kush cross it is. I'm staying in contact with the breeder (Purple Caper Seeds) to see if they can help me identify specifically once farther along. Biggest issue is the fungus gnats trying to eat at the leaves, they're an absolute menace!



The fungus gnats got him scared. 


One of the tops of the Assorted Chocolates



Goldust has been doing well, but I still believe has a PH issue, because of the warped leaves. Though it could be the fungus gnats affecting the roots too much. Though I'm leaning toward tent conditions and PH levels. I don't think the Goldust enjoys the tents conditions as much as the Assorted Chocolates does. This makes narrowing down the temperature and humidity balance a little more difficult between the two. That's a risk one will run, when planting to different cultivars. They all enjoy different conditions for optimal growth.




Pea plant:

It's looking great and fairly tall considering it doesn't have any support above the trellis. I'm trying to see how high it can go on it's own. I will probably tie something like string to a crossbar above. Then let the peas use that to climb up. I'm hoping it actually starts to grow some peas soon too!


Well this ends todays blog entry. So long as my health allows it, the next entry shall be posted in a couple of days, to stay back on a weekly schedule. The first couple of weeks of flower usually aren't as exciting, because changes are more subtle, but let's have the anticipation build for when the true characteristics come out in these cultivars. 

Peace, love, and understanding. Until next time Publish0x goers.

- The Nordic Buffadillo

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Medical Cannabis Grow Blog
Medical Cannabis Grow Blog

This blog will follow my journey of growing medical cannabis for myself. I currently live in a state (Oregon) where medical cannabis (OMMP) and recreational cannabis is legal. I will try to do at least a weekly update on my grow. Currently I am growing in a slightly less than 2' x slightly less than 3' tent. When the weather permits, I will have plants growing outside in my garden.

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