Started Sowing Seeds : My Experience

By Sdsahu101 | Me in the World | 3 May 2020

Hello and wellcome to everyone to this new article made by me. Hope you like it.

Well I am now at home during this pandemic as our government made some restriction throughout the country and as I was operating a small shop before so now I also can not work from home.

So now being stuck at home I gave some thoughts about what to do in this spare time and finally concluded to grow some vegetables so that I am less dependant on the market.

Well I was giving thoughts on what to grow and finally went to grow some pumpkins and also some lady fingers.

Now I want to share with you my experience and frankly for a first time it was pretty good andI feel so down to earth and attached to it. I will recommend each of you to do some farming in your spare time and you will also love it.

So I hope you liked my experience and saying that I bid you guys a good bye. Hope to see you around.

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Me in the World
Me in the World

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