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Let Money Make Money Without You

By 0leh | Me and Crypto | 4 Jan 2023

Hi friends! In my post, I want to share my own experience with you. My conclusions will be full of subjectivity, so they should not be taken as absolutely right or absolutely wrong. I share with you what works for me.

I first got acquainted with cryptocurrencies in 2017. At that time, I was a beginning amateur trader. I bought stocks, but I lacked patience. I had a hard time waiting for the stock price to go up to sell it.

As you all remember, 2017 was a year of skyrocketing cryptocurrency prices. Some altcoins have shown simply incredible results. That's why I constantly looked at the cryptocurrency exchange, but I didn't dare to buy them, because I considered them a scam.

In the end, I took the plunge and started trading cryptocurrencies. My story started like everyone else's. At first I had great success, but then the bear market started and I started losing money.

After several unsuccessful operations, I stopped, thought, and decided that I needed to learn. For several months, I did not trade cryptocurrencies, but read several books on trading.

Screenshot of the start page of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange.

When I felt I had learned enough, I returned to the cryptocurrency market. I was registered with the only cryptocurrency exchange, that was Poloniex. After reading the books, my trades were already better, at least I wasn't losing money. But it's hard to make money in a bear market, and I really wanted to.

And at this moment, futures appear on the Poloniex exchange. Among the books I read, two were devoted to futures trading. Therefore, without hesitation, I switched to the futures market.

If any of you have ever traded futures, you know how much riskier such trading is. I had a number of very successful trades, sometimes I closed a trade with a profit of more than 400%. But this trade cannot be turned into a stable income. Even if you are a genius, successful trades are followed by bad ones that wipe out your profits.

I have been trading futures for more than 2 years and I am proud that I have not lost my money. But during this entire period I earned no more than 10% of my first capital. In addition, this kind of trading drained me emotionally and took a lot of time.

In search of a stable profit, I decided that I would spend more time and nerves on trading. Let the bot do it for me. This is how I discovered the Pionex cryptocurrency exchange, where you can launch any type of trading bot absolutely free.

Screenshot of the start page of the Pionex cryptocurrency exchange.

What is my trading strategy? Why do I call it stable income?

Usually, when people want to make a profit, they try to invest and then withdraw their money with the profit. However, this is not how I act now. Imagine that I spent some amount to buy myself a shop that brings in money. I spent my money on the store and I am not going to get it back, I only count on the profit that the store brings me. This is how I operate now, trading with bots.

I have created more than a dozen bots that trade in various cryptocurrencies. Most of these bots are grid bots. If you don't know how these bots work, you can find out here.

The grid bot trades only in the range you specified. It breaks the amount you have invested into many small orders and trades on each price movement.

What are the risks? If the price falls below the range you specified, you will buy cryptocurrency at a fairly high average price. But I don't act like that.

Most cryptocurrencies lose 95% of their value during a bear market. Therefore, when launching the trading bot, I specify the lower limit at the level of -95% of ATH. The larger the range, the smaller the profits, but the price will always be in the range of the bot. I indicate the upper limit at 5% higher than the price that is at the time of launching the bot. Here is an example of one of my bots:

My grid bot trading TRX.

So, my investment is split into two hundred small orders across the entire cryptocurrency price range. When the price goes down, the bot buys cryptocurrency, when the price goes up, the bot sells cryptocurrency. At this time, I do what I want.

Grid bot profitability.

With each price movement, the bot earns a small profit. I am counting on this profit, not on the return of my investment. In this way, I always have a stable income, the amount of which depends only on volatility.

Having more than ten such bots, I have a stable income. I hope my article will help someone to earn income and spend time with their family at the same time. I wish you success.

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I am a technologist, blogger, and self-taught trader who, perhaps coincidentally, has never suffered a large financial loss as a result of trading.

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