Lightning Strikes: My Top 3 Bitcoin Wallet Recommendations for Lightning Network

By ⚡ Daniela ⚡ | Me and Bitcoin | 11 May 2023

The increasing demand for the Lightning Network can be attributed to the high fees experienced on the main Bitcoin layer. As users seek more cost-effective transaction options, the Lightning Network has emerged as a popular solution.

How can I be certain? Well, from personal experience. I've successfully orange pilled about 100 people over the years, and as a result, many of them have been reaching out to me with inquiries about Lightning Network and which wallet to utilize.

When it comes to the Lightning Network wallets, there are three categories. Easy, a "Can do", and "Well, this is certainly above my pay grade".

  • Easy - Custodial wallets. One of the most popular custodial wallets it Wallet of Satoshi.The Wallet of Satoshi stands out as a user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms. It offers simplicity and convenience, making it easily accessible to users. It's possibly the easiest Bitcoin LN wallet out there. BUT, it's also a custodial wallet, the company holds the private keys on behalf of its users. Yes, Not your keys, not your bitcoin applies. If you're planning to use LN for more than just a tipping a few sats on Nostr, or the occasional $1 worth of bitcoin spent, a non-custodial LN wallet is a better idea.

    The app eliminates the need for creating a separate account as it functions as an account itself, storing relevant data. In case of a lost phone, users can sign up from within the app to synchronize their data with their email account, ensuring data retrieval.

    Easy to use, easy to recover BUT not your keys, you know it, not your cheese.

  • Can do - non custodial mobile wallets. One of my favorite in this category is a wallet called Breez. Breez Wallet is widely recognized as a user-friendly Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. The wallet boasts an intuitive and clean interface that caters to both beginners and experienced users. Its design emphasizes simplicity without compromising on functionality. Available for iOS and Android devices, Breez Wallet ensures that users can access their wallets seamlessly from their preferred mobile platform. The Wallet also has a point-of-sale (POS) feature. Merchants can seamlessly process Bitcoin Lightning payments from their customers. The process is straightforward: the merchant enters the transaction amount on their Breez Wallet app, and the customer scans a QR code displayed on the merchant's device using their own Lightning-enabled wallet. The payment is then instantly verified and completed within the Lightning Network.


    Easy to use, a bit more complicated recovery BUT your keys, you know it, your cheese. Your sats on the wallet are at 100% of the time in your own custody. This also cost a bit extra in the beginning because the wallet has to open a channel for you, which is a smart contract on the main Bitcoin chain that obviously cost some sats. Currently, it may not be the optimal time to open a Lightning Network channel. It might be advisable to wait until the situation stabilizes to some extent. However, if you are frequently engaged in multiple transactions per day, the Lightning Network can potentially offer significant fee savings. In such cases, opening a channel could be beneficial in terms of cost efficiency. Ultimately, the decision to open a Lightning Network channel depends on your transaction frequency and the level of stability you are comfortable with in the current environment.

  • Well, this is certainly above my pay grade - a non custodial, full node setup. If you haven been in the previous categories, don't go here and explore those options first before considering other alternatives. It is important to familiarize yourself with the concepts and wallets mentioned earlier to determine if they suit your needs and level of expertise. Taking the time to understand and test those options will provide a solid foundation before venturing into different possibilities. You still here? Right. The easiest way to run a Bitcoin Lightning node is Umbrel. It is an open-source, self-hosted Bitcoin and Lightning Network node solution. It provides a user-friendly interface and simplifies the process of running a full Bitcoin and Lightning node on your own hardware. It has the biggest community around, a growing ecosystem of apps that can be installed and run on the node. These apps extend the functionality of your Umbrel node, allowing you to explore additional services and features within the Bitcoin and Lightning Network ecosystem.


    Harder to use and recover BUT not your node, you know it, not your rules.


Regardless of the specific route you choose, it is indeed recommended to learn about the Lightning Network and consider using it. The Lightning Network offers a layer-2 scaling solution for Bitcoin, enabling faster and cheaper transactions by leveraging payment channels and off-chain settlement.

By familiarizing yourself with the Lightning Network and utilizing it, you can benefit from reduced transaction fees and faster payment settlements. This knowledge will prove valuable even when on-chain fees increase due to the implementation of new ideas or innovations on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Staying informed about emerging technologies and solutions in the Bitcoin ecosystem allows you to adapt and take advantage of improvements as they arise. The Lightning Network is a notable development that can significantly enhance the usability and efficiency of Bitcoin transactions, especially during periods of high on-chain fees.

By incorporating the Lightning Network into your Bitcoin usage, you can navigate potential fee spikes and enjoy a more seamless and cost-effective experience. Continuously expanding your knowledge and embracing new technologies ensures you stay ahead in the ever-evolving Bitcoin landscape.


If you're interested to know how exactly the LN works, watch this video, please. If too complicated, let me know and I'll find some simpler version.

This is my fifth article on this platform! I kindly invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section regarding what you enjoyed or found lacking in this piece. As a novice writer, I highly value any constructive criticism that can help me improve my skills and deliver better content in the future. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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