Atmost Five Decades Of Recollection And Super Condensed Auto-Biography Third Part

By mdominicorobin | mdominicorobin | 11 Apr 2021

Third Decade Of My Quixotic Life. From 1998 Through 2008.


I have always wanted to show what I got to the real world so I decided to join the insurance industry as it is said by a couple of agents whom I met as they described it as something lucrative. What I did is I took a licensure exam for life insurance agents. My goal back then is to pass the exam with minimum amount of time to somehow prove that I really am something. You are then required to take the exam in person at the Insurance Commission building in the city of Manila. I discovered that my mind is still sharp as I hope it would be. My total accumulated time to review the whole manual is 7 hours. I was able to obtain my license on my first take. My goal is get a perfect score but I only got 89. It is not a perfect outcome but obtaining a license in the shortest amount of time is a win and an achievement in itself.

If you ask the right questions to the right person you will become a genius later in life. Well, with the right sets of questions, I found out from Mr. Esteban whom works for this insurance company that those people who work at the Philippine Stock Exchange(PHISIX) are gossip hungry bunch. Gossip is the real currency inside one of the most mysterious places in the Philippines. Mr. Esteban work for various banks in the past including Bank of Commerce, Security Bank and other financial institutions. There is a high possibility that his name is just a code name. He said that he used to manage accounts with 30 million pesos in it. He doesn't manage accounts which are below that level. He remembered that he had a client who works for the military which does not fail raises all your eyebrows. Gossips are powerful within the realm of this type of environment as PHISIX is where you get all the juicy stories but unfortunately the juicy gossips are not available through journalistic channels. He mentioned that 3 months before Philippine Airlines was bought by Lucio Tan, they already knew that he is the one who really bought. This only means that you shouldn't source your business news from your good old mainstream media. For people like him the media is a joke. If you want real time information then all you have to do is direct the most advanced surveillance equipment towards the direction of the PHISIX building or maybe the places where the 60 prominent families are frequenting. I am quite aware of the Heisenberg theory or principle which will somehow defeat the purpose of revealing this information since that is what everybody in the intelligence community(foreign or local) is doing as we speak.

Again asking the right questions provided me with wisdom in the world of finance. Mr. Esteban told us that Insurance entities are allowed to serve as direct lenders to entities with a very high credit rating such as San Miguel Corporation. He stated that they provide funds directly to corporations. This information allowed to create certain thought experiments as to how it could work from my present understanding of the money machine. It is an important piece in the puzzle which they call us the balance sheet. I was glad that he openly admitted that this things do happen in the real world. It is next to impossible to obtain this type of information using the usual channels at our disposal. Most of us who are simpletons when it comes to the world of finance and commercial banking would think that only banks are authorized to lend money to corporations with huge market capitalization.

I also obtained information from Mr. Estaban which is somewhat a mystery. We asked if they have deposited their money to the now infamous Urban Bank. He said that they deposited about one hundred million pesos in that bank. He told us that through gossips which were spreading back then in the Philippine Stock Exchange they were able to surmise that this bank will declare a bank holiday within the next five months. So, this piece of information means that they knew that Urban Bank was in trouble five months in advance. The problem with this story is the general public's access to this important piece of information. It is non existent. A lot of those loyal clients of Urban Bank trusted the bank and its reputation but they lost all of their savings in a blink of an eye and the media back then is blaming the President of the Philippines for the untimely demise of this bank. From what we have gathered from Mr. Esteban it is safe to say that the Head of the State has nothing to do with it . It is just that only a chosen few have access to this type of information. The insurance entity we were working for probably broke the camel's back. Losing your life saving because of obvious incompetence on the part of Urban Bank is hell on Earth. This made me realize that banking is rotten to the core. The deposit insurance will not be able to cover a six figure deposit. We asked why is it that they didn't reveal this information to the public. He answered that it is tantamount to economic sabotage. This is total BS, for what they did after withdrawing their cash from the bank, the bank and its depositors were the ones sacrificed in this ceremony of the diabolical minds.

By around this time I was to get my hands on this service that they label as Online Webmail. My younger brother was able to vividly describe to me about his personal experience in using console based electronic mail and bulletin board system in the original Internet form. His classmate has access to this type of service. The selling point of this service is it will allow you to receive electronic mail and at the same time you will be able receive the same using the World Wide Web. The HTML document and template of this service from Netscape is far more user friendly than the console based one. They will store your messages for you and of course there is no need to go to your post office. I said to myself that this is really more convenient than sending your paper mail through the post offfice. With Netscape Webmail service my electronic mail can be retrieved wherever I am in this world. I can proudly say that I am an electronic mail service veteran. It sounds geeky but atleast 20 years of experience in using electronic mail  is not something that  everybody can do.

The experience of being inside a Multi Level Marketing cult is exhilirating to say the least. It is not a nice way to earn a living but the facts as to why everybody is jumping in this bandwagon is still a mystery to me. Multi Level Marketing is just another one of those legalized ponzi scheme which only benefits the early birds. If you are already late in the game then you are biggest loser of them all. We were selling a very expensive water filtration system but then again why is it being sold this way. The marketing strategy is attractive but it is distasteful at the same time.

I am somewhat of a musical genius so at some point in my quixotic life so I have decided to join a songwriting competition. It was organized by the Metro Pop group which holds a yearly competition to showcase the hidden talents and potentials of the best minds in the music industry. I was hoping to see an entry from my cousin whom is a composer but unfortunately the new rules were imposed to give a chance to aspiring songwriters like me whom are trying to get the much needed big break in the music scene. My cousin is a very successful songwriter of popular and praise music during his prime. I was really looking forward to competing against him as he is the best of the best but sadly the rules are stacked against him. My plan is to become both the composer and interpreter of my creation. I was practicing day and night to perfect my role as composer and interpreter for the said competition. They required the entrants to submit a tape recording of the song. Yes, it must be in cassette tape form. The Metro Pop group has an office in Sagitarius condominium which is located in Makati City. I will be visiting that city again which brings me back to my high school glory days when my classmate and I first set foot in this city. I wasn't as intimidated and nervous as before when I first started along the streets of this busy commercial district. My entry was accepted by the group. I waited a couple of months for their approval but I failed to impress the judges so they informed me in writing that my entry failed to pass certain standards of the judges who were invited to take part in the initial screening and subsequent screening of all the qualified entries. My cousin found out about my entry and he told me to never stop doing what I love doing which is making beautiful songs. I was crushed by my failure to reach the Grand Finals but the words of encouragement was indeed a consolation prize which will last for eternity. It is as if the never ending journey of Don Quixote.

By December of 2003 my father was so sick that he had to stop smoking. He stopped smoking not because he wanted to but because he could not do it anymore. We were forced to take him to the hospital even though he has this fear of being inside the confines of a hospital. My father was lucky because from the looks of it, the doctors concluded that it is just a bacterial infection and he can go home. Eventually after 2 weeks of rest and treatment, he was able to fully recover from his affliction. But after two months we had to take him back to the hospital because of an extreme case of Hernia. He had to go an operation and  I had to accompany him in the hospital for a few days. This is somewhat my first few brushes with caregiving.

Computer or Information Technology related television shows were surfacing at a very fast pace back then. I remember watching Leo Laporte and his geeky buddies. I remember the first appearance of Bret Larson who was in the 4Chan fiasco of CNN. He is a regular resource person in the show alongside Kevin Rose. This made think if this person is really a computer expert. The way he answered the 4Chan question is just a delight to most geeks. He must be a systems administrator was his answer to the stupid question of the CNN presenter. You will begin to wonder how many fraudsters like him are there pretending to be a computer God. You can readily make an assumption that they are a bunch of stupid mouthpieces of the world. There are guests in the show whom are intelligent. I remember an episode where they converted an XBOX into a Linux machine and they called it Evolution X or EVOX. This specific episode started my interest in learning Linux. Linus Torvald whom is the founder of Linux is just an obscurity in this country. Nobody in my side of the world would be willing to teach Linux and the Open Source philosophy.

It was about a couple of minutes past nine that evening in the Philippines. We were watching Maria Bartiromo on Squawk Box when my father and I noticed that all the traders in the exchange were distracted by something they saw on the monitor. The World Trade Center was on fire and a couple of minutes later  both of the famous triple steel and triple concrete  twin structures vanished in front of our eyes. The war machine was reanimated by the usual diabolical personalities. They created the monster called the Coalition Of The Willing to demonize and destory Iraq and Afghanistan for nothing. The weapons of mass destruction was later discovered as a figment of our imagination. World Trade Center 7 building vanished with no apparent reason. I was one of those who believed this false flag event but after a few years if you used your head for real then and only then will you realize that it is just another poker game for the unseen forces who are orchestrating an enterprise behind the scenes.

We bought a dialup modem to complete our faux router connected system. This is actually the first time we were able to put up such a system in our home sweet home. The only place were we get Internet access it at the crowded cyber shops outside. Our phone is not equipped to provide the Internet service that we need so we purchased a prepaid third party ISP card. It is inconvenient but creativity fosters a certain level of excitement besides they don't teach this in school. As per the advice of Leo Laporte and the gang, we installed a software firewall or is it a firewall software? Well what do you know, we discovered that our prepaid ISP is spying on us.

The idea of online work and job started around this time but sadly most of them are scams. The legitimate ones are paying in cheques but the most innovative ones  are the pay to surf and pay to read email programs. Would you believe that Donkey Mails which started around this time is still alive and paying. It is still a leader in this specific industry. Who would have correctly guess that governments the world over will be pushing this  setup as a means of livelihood in 2020. Telecommuting started around this time but the politicians of 2020 forced it upon our throats by using sanitary lockdowns as an excuse. Who would have known that the outgoing Filipinos will be made to agree that online work is universally acceptable means of livelihood. Well, Storm Pay is a payment system that came in during that time along with E-Gold. Who would have known that Storm Pay is just a Trojan Horse to ruin the pay to do something industry. Storm Pay run away as expected and it successfully ruined the reputation of the pay to do something industry. This is how it happened and I personally saw how it all happened.

Gaming is still at its infancy when we started playing Age Of Empires, Diablo II, Starcraft, Patrician, Sim City and others. I said that it is still at its infancy because they are still trying to figure how to monetize the MMORPG games. My past when it comes to gaming is not coming back to hunt me. I noticed that I have developed my self-control to a point that I would stop myself in a middle of a game when there is an urge to overextend my limits. The PC based games are innovative but then again they were created to form a nasty habit. The World Cyber Games if I am not mistaken came into being around this time to motivate institutions to form teams of gamers. It is a great idea to promote this industry and  create more developer jobs but the millions whom will be consumed by addiction will grow at an exponential pace.

In the final moments of the year 2006 Typhoon Milenyo struck Metropolitan Manila. This typhoon is so strong that our roofing system was blown off by the winds that howled for 12 hours. It started to force its way into the city by early morning that fateful day and it left a sea of destruction so to speak after half of the passed us by. The damage to property was in billions of pesos and the damage to power lines is so awfully obvious, in fact the power in our area was only restored after the seventh day of the incident. Luckily my mother funded the repairs so after two days of seeing the sky through the ceiling we finally had a chance to experience relief. We are again protected from the onslaught of rains that came after the devastating event.



I acquired several new skills before the end of this decade. The events that occurred were surprising to me. Most of the developments of this decade are the buzzwords of the present day. There were devastating events which traumatized our family for the rest of this decade. I was able to develop the ultimate power to  control my urge to get addicted to gaming. I am beginning to grasp the world of finance as I slowly immerse myself into its operating environment.  The sleight of hand of the unseen forces is beginning to unravel as they try to cover false flag as another conspiracy theory. I am getting good at this game of reading between the lines as the mainstream media begins losing its power over the masses because of its daily devotion of spreading lies like the infamous Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

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Rummeln is a German word which means "The one who will not yield". Dominguez is a Spanish word which means "Son of God/Lord"


Rummeln is a German word which means "The one who will not yield". Dominguez is a Spanish word which means "Son of God/Lord".

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