XEM Snapshot for XYM airdrop delayed

By Mchoeti | Mchoeti | 11 Jan 2021

Symbol (XYM) Airdrop has been postponed


This is a short but simple post. Today i recognized that the airdrop for XEM holders will be delayed. It seems to be that the community has voted to postpone the snapshot. A new release day is not officially announced at the moment. But it seems to be that that would be in FEB 2021. Here are some links with usefully information.

Binance report about the XYM


This sounds a little bid weird ? Not really. It is what it is and we have to accept it. It was a community vote, so let`s see what the future brings. As an addition of my thoughts i added the link of the voting. Published in the NEM forum.

The result of the voting posted on the Symbol Forum


And now?

For me that means 2optioner. First of all everything is good and you should look forward for the airdrop somewhere in Feb 2021. On the other hand it is an option to use the time and buy some XEM token. At the moment there is a good time, when you check the current situation on the crypto market. 



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