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My Kryptodaybook - Day 1

By Mchoeti | Mchoeti | 27 Jan 2021

Today 27.01.2021

Well it is not really day one. But it is the first day where i am trying to write down my feelings for the cryptomarket. Who i am? Well i am just a guy who has fallen in love with cryptocurrencies. And no i am not rich and i have not done a couple of hundred of xes , which means i do not have a lambo :-)

Today i tried a little bid of understanding the charts. And what do i see ? Yes an abyss of Bitcoin. No i am not thinking that the Bitcoin Bull run is over. It is looking a little bid dangerous. But on the other side there is maybe the last time to buy some Bitcoin or Ether for a longer time. 

Ethereum Chard from 27.01.2021

Ethereum is about to create assets. And it can create a new cryptomania. We will see..



Quo vadis Ethereum:

So where does Ethereum go. We have seen a new ATH, but we are not really breaking through.  Or as my friends are telling me we are mooing soon. Well from my point of view, we are on a good way. Are we ready to go to the moon, which means 5k? It could be . And why? It is not about hodling
This is the definition of HODLING:

HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But Ethereum is about creating assets. This is what makes Ethereum sooooo strong. And this is my dilemma today.

  • Should i buy a few more Ether and hope for a massive gain?
  • Should i wait for a few more hours and days 
  • Should i invest in some other coins?

I will deploy a buy order when Ether goes down to 950 as the bottom level and i will also set up an order where i buy at 1100. It is a wide range, but let`s see how this works. What will you do ? Cheers Mc

ps: I am doing this with BINANCE or with BITPANDA bot well known for their Exchanges. I also added you an affiliate link which brings you and me a little bonus. On Binance you will get 10% and on Bitpanda you will get 10€ when you deposit at least 100 Euro.

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I am from Europe and i am just crazy about the combination of the IT and history. Based in Austria i am searching for the perfect solution to combine History and IT.


Hi everybody, welcome to my blog. I will try to write about new investment possibilities. And sometimes for my german speaking friends, they are written in German. All the best and stay healthy

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