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By Mchoeti | Mchoeti | 7 May 2021

Some words as introduction

If you are new to Crypto and you want to start in the Crypto space you  will find many many exchanges who will over you a couple of things. Some of them over you free bonuses, some this and some of that. Well the thing is I am always searching for secure investments. Ok now you can argue, and then you go in Crypto? Yes, you are right Crypto is one the most volatile investments in the world. It is offering a lot of gains and a lot of chances to loooooooooose all your money. There are many exchanges out there but there is one which  is based on European ground and under the law of the EU.

Which makes me feel a little bid safer.

What is Bitpanda:

Yes I mentioned the Exchange before and I do it again. It is BITPANDA. They are offering a really nice portal which has been recently rebranded.
First of all they have an app which you can find in the APPLE or PLAY Store. And they have rebranded their Website. This is nice but you an now invest in
Cryptos, Metals and Stocks. The funny thing is that I bought the first time silver in my life and I also added some stocks to my portfolio. Ok the silver is gone now, but I wanted to give it a try. Here is the landing page:  BITPANDA


They also offer the opion to setup a recurring daily, weekly or monthly saving plan. And you can define the day and the hour or better say minutes.
.You can load up your Fiat truck with different currencies. The options differs a little bid from your choice. As example here is USD and EUR. If you choose SEPA you can do this via adding a Bank Account.


Here is a screenshot of my saving plans


As an addition:

Since April they have launched their Stocks platform which where you can also invest in stocks, ETFS and more. For me all looks good at the moment from the handling this is my number one exchange. You can not compare BITPANDA with BINANCE,
because this is a complete different story, but it is for Beginners a wonderful starting point. And you can also use the PRO Version. Which is more or less an exchange but with limited pairs. It is cheaper and you can set orders as always.
This looks then like a real exchange.


My conclusion:

What I like
  • It is easy to invest to open up an account and do the KYC. This is smart simple and super fast.
  • You can also set up an recurring saving plan
  • It is based in Europe
  • You can invest in Stocks, Crypto Assets and Metals
  • They have a nice app
What I do not like:
  • Sometimes they do not allow to transfer your tokens to a different exchange. Which means you can do trade only.
  • It is I little bid more expansive than other exchanges, but you have the option to use the PRO version for free.

If you want to sign up, please use my referal link, this will give us a small bonus.  See you in the world of Crypto



But as always this is not a financial advise this is only my way of thinking. Be careful, take profits and remember you can loose all your money. I also added some of my affiliate links in the box. If you need an discount of 10% on BINANCE you can use this one. And if you want to participate on other projects. As example DEFI please use the link to receive a sign up bonus about 20$ after your first deposit. Stay save and make good gains.

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