18 Ways to Earn Active and Passive Income for Midasians

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 6 Jul 2020

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From the start, we have been always aiming to create a value creation platform which brings not only great products to the world but also great income stream for our dear community: The Midasians. Our field of income stream ranges from as small as several dollars to big investment of hundreds of thousand, cater to all investment needs and risk appetites of our people.

Today, we present to you the whole picture of the Income Map of our Midas Universe.

Passive Income:

1. Staking Dome House Edge Shares

The Staking Economy Hall of Fame — uses on-chain storage for your brand, each piece of land on the dome is tradable Non Fungible Token with high resales value, settled autonomously by smart contract, showing the power of blockchain. Tomodice and Mcashdice give 50% house edge earnings from their gaming platforms to be shared to Staking Dome land-owners.

2. Staking Dome Weekly Lucky Draw

Beyond the Staking Dome Land sales Stake Earnings, Resales Profits, Referral Earnings and House Edge Shares, Staking Dome Land owners also automatically enrolled into the Weekly Lucky Draw of 17,760 MCASH or 888 TOMO Prize for 88 consecutive weeks. The weekly lucky draw, if not won by the lucky citizen, should be rewarded to the Star of the Week who drive the most sales of that week. Then, if there is no sale, the lucky draw will then be shared to all citizens.

3. MASphere Lords House Edge Shares

MASphere is the next generation blockchain real-time strategy 4X game based on the idea of multiplayer space colonization with a mass amount of unique planets to explore. Beyond the gameplay, MASphere is also a Passive Income Platform with the monthly payout for the Lords. The external return will be generated from McashChain dApps, which run directly from Midas dApp Store browser.

The first phase of MASphere presale has completed, over 40 planets have founded their rightful Lords. Please stay tuned following Masphere.io so you don’t miss out on the chance to become MASphere Lords in the 2nd and 3rd phase planet sales.

4. Mcashdice Real Time Referral

Mcashdice is the first decentralized betting platform based on the McashChain blockchain technology. In Mcashdice, players can experience real betting game play with “Coin flip”, “Baccarat”, “Mcash rain” … And players can invite friends to play on Mcashdice and will earn 1% of their winning amount.

You can get your MCashDice Affiliate Link and Share with friends on Midas Wallet app:

5. Tomodice Real Time Referral

Tomodice is the world’s first betting games built on Tomochain in collaboration with Midas Protocol. Tomodice is provably fair and completely transparent with open-sourced contract. Like Mcashdice, Tomodice has an affiliate 5-level tier system and can be played on mobile with direct dApp native sign-on using Midas Protocol Wallet App.

You can get your Tomodice Affiliate Link and Share with friends on Midas wallet app similar Mcashdice.

6. Vinex Real Time Referral

Vinex Network is one important pillar of Midas Ecosystem. From the beginningVinex Network have selected many special coins based on their technical innovation & merits. When participating in the Vinex referral bonus program, you will receive up to 60% referral bonus each time your friend completes an order.

More information at: http://bit.ly/2lUU2oG

7. Mcash on-wallet Staking Rewards

McashChain consensus mechanism uses an innovative Proof of Stake & Delegated Authority Voting (PoS-DAV) system in which anyone staking their mcash will become xnode and be awarded based on their staking amount.


8. Mcash Supernode Block Rewards

McashChain network generates one block every 3 seconds, with each block awarding 10 MCASH (the first 2 years) to Supernodes and other voters (XNodes). A total of about 105,120,000 MCASH will be awarded annually in the first 2 years.

9. MAS holding for Mcash Payout

On the 24th of every month, we’ll take a snapshot of $MAS holding position of all Midasians and the days after, we distribute 2% of their holding by MCash.

10. Midas Pioneers Lands on Staking Dome

For every 100,000 Staking Dome pixels sold, Midas will buy 10,000 pixels and plant a Pioneer Land flag on it. All income generated from Pioneer Land will be shared among all Midas Pioneers proportionately, according to their Pioneer rank.

You can buy land on Staking Dome via Midas wallet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBEfnNqFYng

Active Income

11. Trading Competition on Vinex

Simply trade on Vinex Network Exchange and become our Top Trader in term of trading performance (ROI). Trading Contest results will be on the Live Leaderboard, which will be continuously updated on Vinex Network Exchange!

12. Dice Wager Competition on Mcashdice

Just have fun and Play any games on McashDice.com during the specified period, you will have chances to win our daily, weekly or monthly competitions.

13. ICO participation for lottery and jackpot lucky draw at Midas Playground

McashChain community is always welcome and support new projects migrate/ develop on McashChain. And many of them organize the lottery and jackpot lucky draw events to take the opportunity to give back to Midasians. Follow our community social channels so you don’t miss out any of them!

14. Swapping for discounted sales

Unidex is a Multi-Chain Decentralized Exchange for innovative cryptocurrencies. Unidex will be an open door to cross-chain technology and brings many more utilities rather than just an decentralize platform. To have more adoption, for every new chain, we will have many exciting events for swap native coin on that chain with mcash.

Currently, we have cross chain swapping event Mcash / Bnb with 5% discount until 4,000 Bnb reached.

15. Collecting badges on Midas Wallet for Airdrop strength to earn partner airdrops. More badges, more power, more airdrop!

Midas Wallet Badges are the virtual markers of the portfolio/wallet’s accomplishments and certification for the active use of Midas Wallet. For each badge, you will earn a certain airdrop points. The more points you have, the more airdrop you earn in our bounty airdrop events.

16. Collecting non-fungible token (NFT) for future value.

NFT is a special token which represents something unique. In Midas ecosystem, you can accumulate all types of NFT: Mavatar for McashDice, items and tools for Masphere … then can buy, sell, trade those NFTs on Midashimaya Crypto Commerce platform with ease, taking payment using McashPay.

17. Being Masphere Lords to Raise Army on MASphere to mine Mcash and waging war to attack and conquer or being a worker to work for the lords and earn a salary for mining work.

MASphere is free to play with 2 kinds of players: Worker and Lord, and they do not necessarily play the same game. Basically, Workers earn direct GMT token as they play, while MASphere’s Lords patiently build their planet and harvest bit by bit of its MCash by hiring and paying Workers and to earn more with an advanced civilization. In addition, a MASphere can attack another MASphere and get booty from war.

18. Using Midas Wallet Arbitrage Opportunity Service for effective trading between exchanges.

This service will send notification of price difference from different exchanges, creating opportunities to buy from one and sell on another and make good earnings. It’s only free for the first 2 weeks. After this time, it will be a service by subscription, payable in MCASH.

Our product pipeline keeps growing larger and larger, so the income stream for our people. Our action motto is “We do what people don’t, so we can earn people can’t”

In Crypto We Trust, in Midas We Grow!

Visit our social channels for latest updates and discussions around the Midas Ecosystem:

Blogs: https://blog.midasprotocol.io
https://t.me/midasprotocolglobal, https://t.me/MidasPR


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