The Dandelion Queen

The Dandelion Queen

By vclv | MayVaneDay Outtakes | 30 May 2020

A truly sublime woman
stands regal and supreme;
most only know her as
the Dandelion Queen.

Her breath is the wild wind
that blows fierce at my back,
asking quite calmly, "Where are the yellow
sprouts that this yard quite lacks?"

I hang my head in shame
and explain that Mother
has ordered their genocide in vain hopes
of making our yard tougher.

"Tougher?" she exclaims,
mouth wide oval in fright.
"Nonsense! What could be tougher
than a dandelion in flight?

For my children have been slain
I guess a billion and two to one,
and yet my legacy lives on
as they sway happy under the sun."

Her happy face shines bright
from Atlas to Nyx and back,
a stunning fortitude that most
other plants quite lack.

She shall never be defeated,
I am jubilant to proclaim,
unless the sun grows dim
and the bee counts start to wane.

Always just a step away,
gentle waiting like a lover
for the sun may have birthed me
but the earth is still my mother.

A resilient woman
(or at least that's how it seems),
I know I am protected by
the Dandelion Queen.


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