By vclv | MayVaneDay Outtakes | 28 May 2020

I've been condemned to toe the line,
to forever walk between the worlds,
never truly belonging to one or the other.

you wanted me to nullify myself,
an alien in my own skin,
forever at war with my own biology.
you watched me impale myself with Mars
and bleed out on Venus.

and we sung together of freedom
and of how we renounced the world
while still partaking of its fruits

so bloodless, deathless, we took to the wind
a crow and a raven alike in sin
a bird of prey and its object of affection long sought
high enough in the sky to be a single blot

so what is a broken bird supposed to do
when heaven sees my plea- and opts to refuse?

all I've learned to do in life
is how to make an exit.
leaving in tears after
a failed eighth-grade play,
a forced deletion of a dear internet place,
the destruction of dignity at the hands of a dictator

"I will not cry"
"I will not cry"
I will not cry.

what happens when I need to exit heaven?

where do I go?

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