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12.04.23 - EUROPEAN WAR - SECRET FILES- US PETAGON hacked again , ...to many involved , check if your country is among them ! watch video

By alexisread | Maybe also, your wisdom | 12 Apr 2023

The hidden war's file of ukraine

It is said, that the leak started on a Discord , even as soon as january.
Classified US military document describe that 97 special forces personnel from NATO countries were engaged in Ukraine war during February and March of this year .
Some information leaked are also about the Romania, who is training soldiers for war, who is one of the main's war supply transition point.
Poland is in the same situation as the leaked files reveal .
But also
.Spies on friends and enemies...„
..50 classified documents...„
....we dont know anything..
According to another leaked Pentagon document, dated March 2


Serbia, which has refused to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, agreed to supply arms to Kyiv.
This document which was a responses to Ukraine’s requests for military training and “lethal aid” or weapons was called : „ NOFORN„ which means it was not allowed to be distributed to foreign intelligence services and militaries.
Some documents also inform us that :
South Korea , wanted to deliver also weapons but only if the weapons were delivered to poland, first, so that it wont be clear that, they also supplied this war.
The seul authorities say the following.
From this documents , it comes out that Egypt wants to deliver supply rockets to russia.
The declaration to this where: even if this informations are leaked , the plans will go on
But some of the documents also are manipulated, according to west analytics.
Well, do you still belive , in non leaked documents ?
Are you aware, that all sides, just play with human lifes and make profit ?

Will the people ,soon leak enough documents to turn everyone against, the lords of the wars ?
We will see what will happen next

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Maybe also, your wisdom
Maybe also, your wisdom

some of this, but more of that.

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