when you fail just say it

When you fail just say it

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 18 Dec 2023

We all experience the feeling of failure in our life no matter what we do, and this is totally normal because it’s means we are trying and that we are on the way to learn what’s really working instead of just standing still.

In my journey of working online I had made a lot of mistakes while I am testing different websites and apps to earn some cash but after the time pass, I looked back and discovered that what I am doing is not working and this path I am taking is leading me to a loop of wasting time and earning just a little income.

So, what should I do?

You should ask yourself this question when you see that’s you’re not making any success because it’s mean you’re doing something wrong.

I did this when I realized my blog is failing and it’s failed because of me.

My lack of writing and the procrastination I am doing on a daily basis because I am afraid of failing what got me here and I needed to accept the result so I can move on and learn from my mistake.

What I learned also is that’s I need to plan ahead my blog posts ideas, my posting schedule, and of course the marketing strategy.

But before taking my blogging step such as buying the hosting plan and the domain, I needed to work on my daily routine to make writing every day a habit for me even if I just write 200 words.

Not to mention growing my keyword research and SEO knowledge because it’s the most needed skill for blogging.

See there is a lot of steps I missed because I was rushing to earn money by blogging that I didn’t focus and took wrong moves which is completely normal ...in the end we’re humans after all that’s what do!

We try we fail and then we learn.

In conclusion and what I am trying to say to all of you as readers & writers...

It’s okay to fail and when you fail just admit it and forgive yourself of everything you did because these moves are your process to success and without this failure you couldn't have learn and find your way.

Now make your new plan and take a step into your working journey but this time with successful moves because i am sure you will learn from your mistakes.

please share with me if you experienced some failure project or at working online in general

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