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The illusion Of Earning Money With Free Cash Lotto

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 29 Jun 2023

Free lottery sites offer you free tickets to enter the online lotto games and collect daily prizes without even paying anything, the website we are reviewing today is Free Cash Lotto

Where they say you can play the UK and euro millions lottery and win free cash

The platform isn’t shy to tell you that they get their money from advertisers and won’t ask anything from you

This is a good sign but at the same time it’s not confirming that they are legit

So is free cash lotto real? I will explain to you how the site works and we will find out if it is a scam

What Is Free Cash Lotto?

When you sign up for the first time with free cash lotto you will have to choose 3 numbers for the lotto draw from 1 to 59 but the first ball will be your initials as in the first letter from your first and last name

And every time you log in you will get FCL (the currency short for free cash lotto credits) that can be used to double down your earning on the daily draw as they're saying

Also, you will get free bonus cash added to your balance by referring people, and If you win with your entries in the free lotto and Euro millions play (I only win 1 Euro each time)

free cash lotto account

But after personal experience, i can assure you after a couple of months your username won't even show up anymore in the euro millions draw which means no more extra euros 

And by the way, you can't cashout out unless you win in the main daily draw

If you want to learn the whole detail I will leave the link for the full review down below 

Final Thoughts On Free Cash Lotto is a free lottery platform that will ask nothing from you more than a couple of minutes daily which is not time-consuming

And after using this site for a long time, I can now give you my honest opinion and the full truth about it

Which is don’t waste your time with this kind of website because they will get you nowhere

People think it’s legit because they have won 1 euro in the free and euro draw from time to time, but this bonus is only a show & bait so they hook you to the platform

Why i am saying this?

Simply because the only cash I have won on the free cash lotto was the bonuses that I couldn’t withdraw unless I win in the daily draw which will never happen

And i have never seen payment proof from the free cash lotto site (suspicious much?)

Just so you know, when a site is legit you can easily cash out your money without this lock-up process

And I can totally say its a scam and I will not recommend it to anyone because you won’t make money with freecashlotto

So if you’re using it stop doing this, and if you know someone that’s interested in the online lottery share this post with him

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