income report june 2023 on publish0x

June Income Report For Writing On Publish0x

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 12 Jul 2023

Back again to post another monthly income report even though i have been away for a while, but this made me realize some really important things about making money on the publish0x platform
Let’s recap some details
I started posting articles here in April 2023, before this I was just a reader that enjoys getting valuable content from awesome writers
My first report was about my first week as an author where I only had 3 posts published that gained me 251 views, 10 likes, 3 followers, and $0.19
The next month's report is about May 2023 where I upload 11 posts that gained me 794 views. 27 likes, 4 followers, and $0.31
So in today's post I will talk about some things I noticed and about the following details:

Income report tracking

  • How many likes or dislikes do I get
  • How much I made monthly on all my posts
  • How many Followers
  • The number of views

This month I published 3 posts only because I had a big stomach ache that require me to take a long break
And this made me notice that I am getting daily views but the likes and tips are rarely there so the less you write and are consistent the less you will earn

Likes & Dislikes

I got 21 likes and 0 dislikes on my 3 posts 

Income in $

The tips I got this month are worth $0.32, what I have learned so far that’s when you post any article, it’s will be earned for the next 3 days 
And after this, your post will not get a lot of attention but it could earn you more with time especially if you get organic traffic on your keywords 


Like I said before I am sure the number of followers will increase with time especially if I stay consistent and add good valuable content, as for this month I got 6 more followers ( last month was 7)

Number Of Views

june publish0x report

In the picture above, you can only see the number of views in the last 30 days, but I made an Excel that shows me the daily progress of my posts
For June 2023, my 3 published posts got 687 but in general, i got more views which I will mention later on

Final thoughts

I need to say something, if you don't track your stats daily you won't find the total data because publish0x only shows you the last month's progress
Personally, I made my own Excel file to track my daily views, likes, and income so I can understand how everything works
And I find out that I am getting daily views on all my posts which made me realize that the numbers I shared before changed and will change in the future

june progress


daily progress on publish0x

Let's combine the total income since I started (last week of April+May+june)
Views: April (648) + May (1759) + June (687) = 3094
Likes: April (10) + May (32) + June (21) = 63 likes
Followers: April (3) + May (4) + June (6)= 13 followers
Income in $: April (0.19) + May (0.31) + June (0.32)= $0.82
Posts: April (3) + May (11) + June (3) = 17 posts
You can see the number of views is increasing month by month even though I have been away
But i think the small amount of earnings is all my fault for not being active and consistent.
To be able to earn more passively i need to work more but at the same time i don't think writing every day will solve the problem because this way my posts will not get enough time to grow

I will keep posting my income monthly so i can track my progress and keep you updated on how's working as an author here works

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