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Alpha Network - Mobile Crypto Mining

By MaxDhi | Max's General blog | 13 Sep 2021

Hi folks,

I have recently came across a mobile app that does a crypto mining, yes, really. I though the same really? I got curious and wanted to give it a go on my extra phone that was lying around collecting dust. After using it for a few days, i can see it is collecting some coins. Not sure if i will get anything but the time will tell i suppose. So finger cross.. haha

This is what the white paper says which include their vision...

Alpha Network

If you interested and see how this goes, here is what you need to do.

  • Download Alpha Network app or on a google app store (sorry, i don't use iOS, there will be one for that too)
  • You will need to create an account - you will also need a referral, you can use this MahenDhital
  • You will then click on start mining (it stops after 24 hours so you will start again after 24 hours)
  • They do give you option to boost mining every half hour
  • The boost can different such as  boost by .5X, .15X or some free coins
  • Each boost will have an option to x3 by watching a 30 second add (they must make tons just from that i would say ..)
  • And that's it..

Here are some screenshots for your reference..

Alpha Network


Alpha Network

If you have spare phone i suggest give it a go.. 


Stay safe everyone



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