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Astar Network referral and crowdloan particaption | How to get extra ASTR tokens

By WJH | Maximize Crypto Earnings | 5 Nov 2021

Formerly known as Plasm Network, Astar Network aims to become Multi Chain Polkadot DApp Hub. It is one of the strongest projects that is projected to win one of the first 5 Polkadot parachain auctions.


If you are planning to participate at the Astar Netwok polkadot parachain auction, you get extra ASTR bonus if you use referral link. In this post, I will share how to take benefit of taking this referral program and contribute to Astar Network parachain.


Step 1. Have Polkadot.js wallet.  -  download it here

Step 2. make sure you save your private keys in a safe place. This wallet is similar to Metamask. Since you are locking your DOT for 2 years, it is important to save the key words in a safe place for future wallet recovery.

Step 3. Top up your wallet. Almost any exchange support DOT cryptocurrency. Purchase it on CEX, and transfer to your wallet. 

Note: if you have wallet extension, you can access to advanced wallet functionalities here: . including safely copying your wallet address. 

Step 4. As soon as you have DOT in your balance, use this link to participate at Astar crowdloan to get benefit of Astar Network referral bonus program. 

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