JUST IN: Goldman Sachs Makes First BTC OTC Transaction

By Matty007 | matthewsblog | 22 Mar 2022

This week, the Wall Street bank made its first BTC over-the-counter (OTC) transaction. Through a partnership with crypto services firm Galaxy Digital, the Wall Street bank purchased a bitcoin non-deliverable option, a derivative whose price tracks that of bitcoin and pays out in cash if it is worthless. Although the transaction is not expected to be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency market, it is a significant development for investors and those who follow the financial markets.

Galaxy Investments, the leading provider of blockchain financial services, has partnered with Goldman Sachs to make the first OTC transaction with a U.S. bank. This deal represents a major step towards the maturation and adoption of digital assets by mainstream banking institutions. It also shows that the global financial giant is increasingly interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. A year ago, the bank's crypto trading desk closed a $155 million Series B funding round, and the partnership between the two firms continues to grow.

While cryptocurrency may not be the next big thing in banking, the new U.S. bank is committed to building its crypto capabilities. It recently partnered with Galaxy Digital, a company led by billionaire investor Mike Novogratz. The transaction marks the first major U.S. bank to make an OTC Bitcoin non-deliverable option, a different type of option from buying a Bitcoin.

The first OTC crypto transaction has been completed by the digital assets trading unit of Goldman Sachs. It's the first time a major US bank has facilitated a transaction between two parties without involving a centralized exchange. In addition, the bank has recently added a VP dedicated to digital assets, Matthew McDermott, who oversees the project.

The first Bitcoin OTC transaction was facilitated by Goldman Sachs' trading unit, which is part of the global blockchain company Galaxy Digital. The first Bitcoin OTC transaction is an OTC derivative, and there are many other types of BTC available on the market. While BTC OTC options can be delivered to the buyer and seller, non-deliverable options can only be used for transactions between financial institutions.

The first Bitcoin OTC transaction was executed by the digital assets trading unit of Goldman Sachs, in collaboration with Galaxy Digital. The transaction was the first BTC transaction between two major US banks. The transaction represents the first BTC OTC transaction between a major bank and a non-deliverable option. It's important to note that the success of this type of exchange is not dependent on its popularity. The success of its cryptocurrency is a testament to the value of a strong financial institution.

As the world continues to evolve and become more familiar with Bitcoin, it is important to understand that the first OTC transactions are often larger. The first BTC transaction was also facilitated by Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. Unlike traditional exchanges, the transaction took place over the counter. As a result, this means that the trade is an exchange-to-exchange transfer.

In the past three years, the investment giant has become one of the most important milestones for the bitcoin market. In January, the bank acquired a blockchain startup, called Galaxy Digital. Using the OTC market, the two companies have become the first major U.S. bank to trade a cryptocurrency. By acquiring the firm, the firms are increasing their market share, but it also allows them to be more competitive in the global cryptocurrency space.

The trade is an important milestone for the crypto market. Moreover, Goldman Sachs is the largest traditional US bank to get involved in the crypto industry. Its flagship cryptocurrency, Circle, is the second-largest stablecoin by market cap. Its OTC trading service with Galaxy Securities is the first in the crypto industry. And it is the biggest milestone for the currency's future growth.

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