The Fall

The Fall

By MatTehCat | MatTehCat's Blogs | 28 Jul 2020


Haughty and full of gross disregard, Man ascended;

Deconstructing his world with blind rationality;

Coercing and bending others to achieve his ends;

Interring himself in a tomb of living death.



A Passionless blaze fell from towers on high

While the masses cowered, afraid to die;

Hoping to see their worldly wealth preserved,

To avoid their cosmically ordained demise.



Under the knee of false authority,

The whole capitulated to the night;

To the blackguard of vengeful tyranny

Who took delight in their suffering and fright.



While by the people’s greed arose their voice,

Taking on the guise of their wretchedness;

Their form, reflecting itself on the Earth;

Their futility, captured in their decrees.



Yet Wrath sprang forth, without mercy or care,

Wielding a blade of burning brimstone;

Cutting through their forsaken laws with glee;

Rending the weak in two and living torment.



Into a shapeless and fruitless abyss,

The groveling and vainglorious horde

Was heaved; wailing and gnashing on themselves;

Drowning in a Thyestean bout of misery.



And of their seed, a garden of pain was given,

So that, from their treachery, they could be unchained;

Freed, through ferocious toil, from their sowers’ sin.



Such is Man’s bleak fate,

A nightmare of’s intellect;

A cruel taste of’s heart.


Writer, Blogger and Vlogger creating stories, rhetorical arguments, and editorials on philosophy, psychology, religion and art.

MatTehCat's Blogs
MatTehCat's Blogs

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