Know Thyself

By MatTehCat | MatTehCat's Blogs | 18 Dec 2019

Silence your mind, close your eyes, and forget the lies;

Liberate yourself from the Chains of Illusion;

Know the Light, not by your sight, but what’s within you.


See not the reflection of what you think’s the case,

But the thing as is, independent of its shape;

Regardless of how you imagined it to be.


Know the world, do not think about what you hope for;

Do not think of the arrow let loose from the bow;

Do not see the fire and think only of its light.


See the cloud and worry not about the cold rain;

Do not enter the desert and wish for water;

Lay down to sleep and fret not on if you awake.


Eat, knowing you’ll be sustained throughout the day;

Do not think on what the other man had on’s plate;

Know your Nemesis, not as you think them to be.


Prepare with faith, and act with knowledge of yourself;

And once you know of self, doubt not God’s creation;

Doubt not the Light of the Divine that gave you life.


Sustain yourself on the rivulet of God’s soul;

Love the Holy as one, His parts, undivided;

See yourself in’s Mind and know you and He are one.


Speak of the Truth, liberated from illusion;

Do not beguile yourself with unneeded thought;

And, let your heart be not moved by the fear of lies.


Know that the leaves rustle when the Mind rustles them.

Know all forms are consolidated in the Mind.

Know Suffering, and through it, the Wisdom of Life. 

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