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0X Sharks – NFTs That Make Money in 2022

By matrixmike | matrix-mike | 16 May 2022

It's amazing how many different NFT projects are available these days, and more people than ever before in history are buying them. So much so, that it’s too expensive to invest in all of them. If you are only interested in the artwork, there are plenty of great collections to choose from. But for those who want to find NFTs that make money in 2022, you will need to do your own research, so that you can decipher high-quality NFTs, from the cheaper ones.

It can be challenging to find the best projects because the market is saturated with people who want their own NFTs to sell. Social media is packed full of young entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in WEB3, arguably the future of decentralization.


0x sharks opensea


That’s where 0X Sharks NFTs come in… Official OpenSea account https://opensea.io/collection/0xsharks

Who Are The 0X Sharks?

Built by the community for the community. Powerful words, that NFT projects making money in 2022 live by! Being successful these days comes down to a collection being comprised of notable artwork from known artists, without much backend utilities.

Or great digital artwork like 0X Sharks proudly provides, but with utilities that investors understand will make their money, over-time. This roadmap can include utilities like holder benefits from products made and sold using the mint money. Free and discounted project-specific merchandise, and more.

Why Should I Buy 0X Sharks NFTs?

Many people like NFTs that make money or provide positive holder benefits. The 0X Sharks NFT brand does all the above.

Starting with FREE merchandise drops for all verified 0X Sharks holders. Anyone can quality for merch drops by minting an 0X Shark or buying from OpenSea, or another secondary marketplace.

0x sharks roadmap

You can expect well-made hoodies with the 0X Sharks logo and shirts, hats, maybe even glasses and watches too. The possibilities are endless when it comes to high-quality merchandise that brings profits into the community, while simultaneously becoming free advertising everywhere they are seen!

A strong merchandise game can become a profitable way for the community to build and become more valuable for the holders involved.

Then, after all the 0X Sharks have been minted out there will be live AMAs that explain the specific benefits holders can expect in greater detail.

The 0X Sharks community can expect many NFT giveaways too. This always boosts people's spirits and provides an effective way to grow organically on social media like Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook.


Plus a MANSION party?!?!

Where Can I Buy NFTs That Make Money?

There are a few different ways to buy NFTs that make money or provide benefits you are satisfied with. The best place to find 0X Sharks is their official Twitter account, where you can join their discord server and speak with current 0X Shark community members in real-time.


0x sharks twitter page


Official Twitter Page  @0xsharksss


From there you can mint a brand new 0X Shark or buy one on the secondary market such as OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace today.

Either way, do your own research to make sure any collections you are interested in meets your standards and fit your lifestyle requirements. Provided it all adds up, grab yourself one of the best return on investment (ROI) NFTs.


Everyone who like NFTs for their artwork, and backend utilities will benefit each holder greatly. In fact, other successful NFT projects began the same way and have grown exponentially, over time.

The solid foundation that 0X Sharks already has, will most likely catapult them higher than most projects offering no return on investment whatsoever. If you haven’t seen them up close, then why not look at them today, and see if the 0X Sharks family is a good fit for your overall NFT and WEB3 goals. At the very least, you might meet some like-minded people, who become more than just part of a quality NFT project, they could become your friends.

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