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0X Mutant Apes – Mutant Ape Yacht Club Expansion NFTs 2022

By matrixmike | matrix-mike | 21 May 2022

With so much hyper surrounding NFTs lately, it can be hard to determine the best ones to join and it depends on what you are looking to get out of the experience. Initially, many people buy NFTs for their artwork, and some projects have done well, simply using art to grow their community. However, most must prove their worth further and may offer utilities that only holders can enjoy.

Successful collections like Mutant Ape Yacht Club, which were created by exposing Board Ape Yacht Club apes to mutation serum remain the blue-chip expansion projects!

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OFFICIAL XMUTANTS TWITTER ACCOUNThttps://twitter.com/xMutantApes


However, neither BAYC nor MAYC NFTs is within the average person’s price range to own, so expansion projects were truly born and continue to offer what people are after.

So, let's dive deeper into 0X Mutants, an expansion of 0XMAYC that offers reimagined traits NFT enthusiasts will love.

Who Are X Mutants?

Founded by Raza, a 27-year-old professional accountant from California, whose recent involvement with other NFT projects inspired 0X Mutants into existence.

Now, 0X Mutants has become a community-driven NFT project with transparency within the community from the founders to NFT holders.

What Makes X Mutant Ape Yacht Club Different?

First, the entire 0X Mutant Ape Yacht Club pays homage to the originals without copying them whatsoever. On the contrary, 0X Mutants are each unique and contain tremendously reimagined traits, that are based around properties like fur, backgrounds, earrings, mouth, eyes, clothing, and others.

There are even Mega Apes throughout the collection which can be minted or bought afterward on the secondary NFT marketplaces. These special apes include the Mega Swamp Ape, Mega Death Robot, and Several Mega Mutants among others.

The reimagined traits are what truly set 0X Mutant apart from any other NFT project in existence! If you have ever imagined mutant apes far beyond what Mutant Ape Yacht Club originally created, then this project is for you. The details and obvious talent it took to create these masterpieces are obvious in every single NFT. There will definitely be apes that you will want within the best 0X Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs in 2022!

How to Join the X Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT Community?

Like other NFT projects in the past, 0X Mutant Ape Yacht Club Apes are available through their mint! Those who join early will unlock the most holder benefits possible, although anyone will benefit from buying and holding 0X Mutants in 2022.


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For those who we not able to mint, you can still browse every single 0X Mutant Ape Yacht Club Ape on OpenSea or other secondary NFT markets.


OFFICIAL OPENSEA ACCOUNT FOR SECONDARY MARKET NFTS - https://opensea.io/collection/0xmutantapes


What Benefits Can 0x Mutant Ape Holders Expect?

While other 0X projects with the #YellowArmy have done well with little to no backend utilities, those days are long gone, and investors get excited when projects come up with new and unique ways to benefit them.

0x mutants nft roadmap

Once you buy an ape, you can join the 0X Mutant Ape discord to converse with other members, find out more about the project, meet the founders, and get first access to important announcements.

Holders can expect to receive FREE NFTs within the games, and tournaments offered in discord. Not to mention discounted 0X Mutant merchandise, which investors love and become free advertising also.

x apes magazine

Additionally, raffles and giveaways will help keep the hype high while the roadmap unfolds. Within it are plans for high-resolution apes, QR codes for NFT posters, and 0X Magazine which will feature 0X Mutant Yacht Ape Club NFTs, and other useful information.


There is no doubt that 2022 has been tough for cryptocurrency, the traditional markets, and of course NFTs too. But anyone looking for a fun way to become part of something larger than themselves, while creating the possibility of financial gains can benefit from owning NFTs.

Different Mutant Ape NFT projects are popping up all over social media sites like Twitter. But only a few of them are worthy of your attention, much less your investment.

Always remember to do your own research beforehand, to ensure that you have become part of a community of folks with the same mindset and investment goals.

After all, anyone who buys into NFT collections is either an art connoisseur or looking to make an ROI over time.

0X Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs provide holders with both and might just be the next blue-chip derivative NFT project of today.

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