My intro to Masternodes

My intro to Masternodes

By PsklQc | Masternode Diary | 17 May 2020

Hi, let me introduce myself and what I pretend to do. I’m not a techy (if you are, please don’t read unless you want to laugh a little…) I’m just a normal guy with no particular skill with computer although with some background in finance. I’ve been in crypto for over a year now and I’ve passed through many or probably all the phase of introduction to crypto.


First contact, end of 2017 during the crazy rally and at that particular moment I tough it was to much and neither did I understood, I didn’t know where to start and didn’t had much time to investigate back then. (My business was growing and I was opening a first franchise!). That brings us to spring 2019, when I had to close this second restaurant. Suddenly I had plenty of time and it’s when I met my first cryptoenthusiast. He would talk to me during hours about Bitcoin, how it’s the best thing in the world, how he made money, back in 2017, then shooting me all this alt coin names, Ethereum, XRP, Holochain, Litecoin, etc. I has overwhelm, couldn’t follow the pace and when I got home, opened YouTube and start watching plenty of videos about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Alt coins, Crypto news. Spent (or invested!) hours, days in obtaining all the info I could.


Couple of weeks later, I was ready and decided to step in, bought my first fraction of BTCs on (back then the platform wasn’t that known, just thought the name was cool! Since they bought the domain for 10 millions dollar, I thought they were serious… Could’ve been a big mistake, but I liked the user friendly app and all the services they offered). After that, got into alt coins also, diversifying here and there, investing in all the good projects I would find (that summer my restaurant went really well and put all the extra revenues in crypto). Summer ended, I was quite happy with my portfolio (already just over 1 BTC worth spread half in BTC rest in alts), but then high season was over and couldn’t invest more. Although I was more and more convinced of the future of cryptocurrencies.


I had to look for other ways to earn crypto, instead of buying (thanks Andreas Antonopoulos!). So I first got into faucets, chasing airdrops, tip on Publish0x, Coinbase Earn, as I was also already using earning services.


But then I got too avaricious… and fell in my first scam! OMG!! I though that was just for stupid people… Lost 0.1 BTC, felt like shit, I think the slap in the face was worst than the actual money I lost! Has Rodrigo of Funontheride YouTube Chanel says :”A veces se gana, a veces se aprende” Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn! (probably not is phrase, but he says over and over again!). So there I was, wandering after this bad experience. Thought I could use my financial background to trade a little, gave it a try. But that didn’t work well neither and really didn’t need the stress of watching those charts all day, so before losing more, I left Quantfury and took my cryptos out of exchanges.


So there I was, solving Captcha all day to gain roughly 2000 sats on Faucets (moon bitcoin, moon dash, coinpot, etc.) and using Cryptotab browser. Actually it isn’t that bad but really, is it worth it? All day on the smartphone, I felt ridiculous and although I was selling those sats for LINK and that make it worth a bit more. Still felt it wasn’t enough.


Meanwhile I was obviously still watching plenty of videos on a daily basis. Learning a lot, cause the best thing of this space I that you are continuously learning new stuff. So, has I tell my wife, I’ll probably won’t get rich with cryptos, but something is for sure, this revolution is unstoppable, and sooner or later cryptocurrencies WILL go mainstream, it’s just nonsense to stick to FIAT on the long term! So when that day will come, I (we, if you are reading!) will be ready and as early adopters, probably be in a way better situation than most of the people.


Then I saw the light…! End of december, discovered Cryptotube’s YouTube channel. The guy was talking about master nodes. About how he “mines” Bitcoin, ETH and LINK through MN reward and I just thought it was fantastic. That was the way I could get that passive income I was willing! It took a while to understand the concept and I am still learning a lot since its all new for me, as I said, I’m not a tech guy. But there are a few platform that really makes thing simple and that are growing quickly. But then, once on Stakecube or Midas Investment, you see all those masternode coins you never heard of before, which one could I trust? If I could trust any… We all know Dash, but all the rest? helps a lot (it’s the coinmarketcap of MN), with all the info; price, volume, supply, ROI, MN worth, etc.


A couple of weeks later, there I was, depositing my first 0.1 BTC into Stakecube to give it a try. In a second post I’ll write more deeply about this platform and my personal experience with it.


***Remember: This is mainly a diary, a walk through my adventure in crypto and masternode space. No financial advice, just want to share what I learned, if it can help. Neither do I pretend to be an expert, do your our research and enjoy passive income!!

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Learning has much as I can about crypto, looking for passive income and waiting for mass adoption

Masternode Diary
Masternode Diary

Just my personal experience in the crypto space, mainly about masternodes. Not for experts, just want to share what I've learn and hopefully help a little!

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