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A little civilian warfare update. Yes this is civilian warfare. The Federal Reserve is winning. They pay the U.S. military for starters. They are called Petrodollars. No surprise that lockdown, the vaccine rollout and other new missions, like an armed force in Washington DC, are a part of their expanding mission. The U.S. Saudi treaty is the reason for the Petrodollar. the price of oil is important to the power of the Petrodollar.


This a back up article for people who read beyond the propaganda. This is why Greg Mannarino believes the Suez canal blockage is intentional to prop .up the price of oil.

Navigating The Narrow MSM Information Canal

The energy sector is important in the takeover of the global economy. As the Federal Reserve and world's central banks close down the real economy of the people, they are issuing bailout debt which creates massive inflation at the present rate debt is now being created.
To prop up the stock market, and very importantly, to hide inflation in higher energy costs, the price of oil must remain high and go higher.

IMPORTANT UPDATES PLUS: No! It Is NOT MY FAULT That They Blocked The Suez Canal… Mannarino

In his report Greg quotes a master mariner who says for the Suez blockage to be an accident defies the physics of the bough cushion. Here are the physics of the bough cushion from


4463a0f399115972578e44487a9d6a323ffbe5e2fac73ee5f53df9cd4e70a724.jpgIf a ship is proсееding alоng thе сеnterlinе of a сanal whosе сross sесtion is сonstant and symmеtriсal bout its vеrtiсal сеntеr planе, thеn thеrе is flow syrmnеtry port and starboard and thе ship is subjесtеd to no yaw momеnt or sidе forсе.

Howеvеr  whеn thе ship is proсееding сlosе to onе sidе of thе сanal ,thе inсrеasе in thе vеloсity of flow betwееn thе hull and thе nеar wall сouplеd with dесreasеd vеlосity of flow bеtwееn thе hull and thе far wall сreatеs a forсе that draws thе ship towards thе nеar wall (suсtion forсе).

Меanwhilе, displaсеd water mass is aссumulatеd bеtwееn thе bow of thе ship and thе nеar wall, gеnеrating a high watеr region. This high watеr rеgion (i.е. high prеssure rеgion) сrеates a rеpulsivе fоrсе tоwards thе far wall at thе bow, sеtting up a momеnt that tеnds to swing thе bow towards thе far wall (a bоw out momеnt).

In other words we can explain this as:


Bow cushion and bank suction effect:

  • Occurs in narrow channels near proximities of banks.
  • There is a tendency for the bow of a ship to be pushed away from the bank, called bow cushion.
  • The ship moves bodily towards the bank, which appears at the stern, called bank suction.
  • Caused by the restricted flow of water on the bank’s side.
  • Velocity of water to the bank increases and pressure reduces.
  • Results in drop of water level towards the bank.
  • As a result, a thrust is set up towards bank.
  • A vessel approaching to the bank will have to apply helm to the bank and reduce speed to prevent the sheer from developing.

Points to pounder:

The cushion is caused by the increased water pressure at the bow, the suction is caused by the decreased water pressure at the stern.


What is Bow Cushion and Bank Suction Effect in narrow channel for ships? | MarineGyaan


If anyone is serious about living under the Constitution they must demand the Federal Reserve stop printing phony, fiat currency. Otherwise quit whining. We must also be free of the current debt economy.

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