Secession Updates - Kenosha, NY, Mississippi - Insiders Tighten Control, Adjust Strategy

Secession Updates - Kenosha, NY, Mississippi - Insiders Tighten Control, Adjust Strategy


NWON - Fox News was full of secession updates on Monday.

dispute-symbol-small.png Wisconsin - Wisconsin is in a struggle for the Constitution. Deep within that states bureaucracy, struggles are going on for investment capital. Wisconsin is one of those states in which the Insiders, Federal Reserve, is funding deployment through corporate assets, of their irregular militias, under the BLM flag. This historically is done to develop street level martial tactics. But unlike states in complete secession, Wisconsin has decided to pull the plug on BLM.

Secession Tactics Some Theater Some Real

It is obvious that Democratic governor Tony Evers, has been under pressure to coordinate with the Trump administration. As we reported today, there is a definite struggle going on among the insiders.

Insiders Secrets, Tyranny, and Division: Controlling Chaos

The object for insiders is to carry out their struggles in private but they play out in the form of compromises in public policy. Due sometimes to changing moods and perceptions in the public sphere, they may change tactics and messaging. Many shifts are also due to the desire of top players inside the bubble, to increase their own portfolio of power among the insiders, to enhance their investments and influence.

Sadly however, most of the political passion play given public view, is planned and packaged for your control and manipulation, along party, racial and other lines.


The National Guard has been deployed to Kenosha, Wis., after a night of civil unrest following the shooting of a Black man by police over the weekend, the latest incident to unleash widespread anger over policing practices.

Gov. Tony Evers said the 125 Guard members would be tasked with supporting local law enforcement in Kenosha by helping to "protect critical infrastructure and assist in maintaining public safety and the ability of individuals to peacefully protest."

“I know folks across our state will be making their voices heard in Kenosha and in communities across Wisconsin. Every person should be able to express their anger and frustration by exercising their First Amendment rights and report on these calls to action without any fear of being unsafe,” he said in a statement. “This is a limited mobilization of the National Guard focused on supporting the needs of local first responders to protect critical infrastructure, such as utilities and fire stations, and to ensure Kenoshians are able to assemble safely.”



Garbage and dump trucks were set ablaze on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020 by rioters...


Locals Cower National Guard called out to Kenosha after Sunday rioting

Secession Drama At The Political Big Top

The goal for the insiders has been to create a massive conflict internally that brings people to the streets in search of harming each other. Then when it gets bad the people beg for martial law. Unfortunately, this is an old playbook, and an old tactic from it. Although it has been cleverly ramped up streamlined and unveiled under the cover of Covid a lot of people are following it as a tactic and pointing it out to others.

Trump accuses Dems of using COVID to 'steal' election after securing nomination at RNC

The tactic for the chaos has been to create a contested election in which no candidate has the support of a majority of the People, and the political/economic or international community, in any discernable way.

Pelosi ramps up attacks on Trump, GOP over mail-in voting

The main issue is mail in voting, which the Federal Reserve can manipulate to assure the outcome they desire, through their political assets. The official announced winner, may not be the candidate who takes over. It will be the one who either will get public support and institute permanent martial law authority and the new economy. Or if the public is torn, or leaning against the insiders preferred pick, they will announce the candidate most likely to sow chaos that will result in martial law.

Cuomo, fellow govs mum after CDC drops 2-week quarantine guidance

Late last week, President Trump, after previously denying the CDC certain authorities in Covid policy, suddenly reversed course. Our assessment of immediate possibilities is that;

  1. Most People in most States are getting fed up with the mask inconvenience, minus the benefits, of lockdown relative to non lockdown policies, around the nation and the world.
  2. The investment structure on the inside is being disrupted by a lack of confidence in complete reliance on the China investment model of technocracy. It lacks efficiency , creativity and originality. How much authority to give to which model is a struggle inside the technocratic bubble.
  3. Cryoto and the blockchain have suddenly become an indispensable improvement over the centralized economics of the banking system. Although all crypto funding is still tied primarily to major investment capital it is also generating disruptive sovereign currencies of it's own.

ALERT! Fed. Prepares NEW DOLLAR. Looking At Several Different Blockchains. Mannarino

CDC drops 14-day self-quarantine rule for out-of-state, international travelers

Therefore a partial restart of sectors of the economy are in order, even in states in total secession. Remember also that the Airlines got a big bailout this month.

Mississippi governor stings Big Ten, Pac-12 while announcing executive orders on large gatherings

[caption id="attachment_15512" align="alignright" width="320"] Gov. Tate Reeves[/caption]

But the lockdown and rush to new normal is far from over. It is still just starting unless the People forbid the Federal Reserve from printing one more dollar of fiat money.

american-flag-1.jpg    Mississippi - Although mostly attempting to maintain a level of constitutional authority by the People in that state, Republicans like the governor, must still comply at the top

Jerry Seinfeld throws jabs at Manhattan comedy club owner over this comment

Is Jerry Seinfeld to big to fail? We have yet to hear a proper loyalty oath from him. He has a ton of investments. But you can take his recent comment in the press a couple of ways. But we have decided to consider it highly anti new normal. He said, anyone who thinks New York is dead and not coming back is crazy. As a consistent advocate of free speech, this gives us hope.


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