MSM, Republicans, Democrats Force False Martial Law, Insurrection Choice, On Americans in, Lockdown and Police Protest

MSM, Republicans, Democrats Force False Martial Law, Insurrection Choice, On Americans in, Lockdown and Police Protest



Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule)

Will the People allow themselves to be divided by major, global asset investment holders through the Federal Reserve and the political party, government for power and profit system. 

Disconnection is Conditioning Leading to Insanity

Divide and rule must be preceded by disconnecting people from each other and sowing mistrust among the People.

This is accomplished through conditioning. 

George Floyd Death And CoVid-19 - Products Of Central Bank Control

George Floyd died because he was out of work due to lockdown. The increasingly, federalized, military trained and out of community police force, called by the merchant when he noticed the phony $20 bill, killed a local U.S. citizen over 20 dollars. 

Federalization is increasingly tied to United Nations and World Bank standards and Agenda 2030 goals. These goals it is widely recognized, will be largely accomplished by conditioning people away from individual and local authority to the need for central authority in order to live and earn in the global economic banking system. 

The anti lockdown and anti police tyranny forces share the same enemy which is authoritarian bankers, but are divided increasingly both politically and economically through conditioning. In the George Floyd death, the merchant has been conditioned to no longer call the police when certain crimes are in progress. 

Owner of Minneapolis store that called police on George Floyd says he won’t do it in the future

The owner of the Minneapolis store that called the police on George Floyd for a suspected counterfeit bill said he will not call authorities for such matters in the future. In a lengthy Facebook post on Sunday, Cup Foods owner Mahmoud Abumayyaleh condemned the actions of the officers involved during the May 25 arrest of Floyd for allegedly passing …

Global bankers have a better higher authority than the Constitution ready to unveil at the proper point of conditioned response among the public. MSM guides the message of conditioning and even directly rewards and penalizes all messaging according to the needs of the day.

Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear out following ‘All Lives Matter’ tweet

Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer Grant Napear, who called games for the NBA team since 1988, resigned Tuesday following comments he made regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. “Grant Napear has resigned from the Sacramento Kings,” the team said, according to The Sacramento Bee. “We thank him for his contributions to the team and wish him all the …

The banking system upon which we are all dependent is incresingly being run like a prison under lockdown, with job identity privileges being allowed to certain people among the lower and middle classes. Now, as privileges are extended, there are riots in the prison, instigated among the prisoners, in order to exert more authority.

In order to keep the people divided against tyranny among those who oppose excessive class, economic, and race based military policing, and those who see bill of rights civil liberties violations, concepts like all lives matter must be eliminated. Media voices must be made an example of, rewarded and penalized in speech at this time. Unity of purpose in any way not in accordance with Agenda 2030 goals, must be eliminated as talking points going forward. Though "All Live Matter" did apply ruthlessly against targeted middle and lower class interests during lockdown, this is the new military civilian civil order mix, being introduced, by the central banking system. Expect to see the miltary doing official duties in security and health administration going forward. Take a picture of whatever beauty you find in your neighborhood now. Don't let it disappear. Remember what you are fighting to preserve and increase.

In order to overthrow the Constitution, the People must be filled with the overpowering sense of the need, for safety and dependence in a system, contrary to the one currently governing a nation. Safety in the political and economic system is tied to the need for occasional tyranny and lawlessness against anything that can be  conditioned to be seen as working against their class identity in the currently governing system. Banking interests rewarded and penalized through the central banking system the behavior of people in the system according to the needs of their system and not the Constitutional system.

Republicans and Democrats are are both enacting laws and regulations that encourage both tyranny and lawlessness against Constitutional civil rights authority. This allowed tyranny and lawlessness over the Constitution and among the People, against constitutional order, has been conditioned and increased over time, along lines directed to divide the People, and are now being brought to a desperate, hasty conclusion because too many people are beginning to see the central banking system itself, ultimately working against them on too many levels.


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