The movement to overthrow the artificial government corporation in many nations, which superimposes unconstitutional laws on citizens and residents, has a basis in science and natural law. This civil rights framework is contained in national constitutions which are based on Natural Law

Natural Law: Cosmology, Science and Authority in Law


The origins of The People’s law, or common law, found in various documents underpinning all law in many countries, are natural, and are the Laws of Creation, ruled by the Unknown. They are laws immutably tied to the infinite possibilities of Being, in Creation and the ability to be creative in nature. They are the laws of manifestation in nature. To which we are all heir.

Natural law is the law of action establishing sovereign authority in nature.

Sovereignty in Nature is tied to, surrender to the authority of, and service to, all individual creative possibilities of greater Unknown  Being, or God, in nature. 

Why Unknown Rules Creation

The Unknown rules, because the nature of Creation is infinite possibilities, becoming probabilities and actualities.. In order for infinite possibilities to exist, there must be unknown elements in some form. The Unknown is the rule in Creation.

Therefore, at various times and in various daily situations, there are those things which are acted on by instinct guided by faith, reason and/or hope that they will turn out as planned. Even washing the dishes, can be interrupted.

Natural Law Governs Things in Nature

Human beings or more properly, the People, are individual identities of Being in Creation. We are an individual, self-realized, uniquely identifiable and a naturally creative, (according to our perception), thing in nature and Creation. People are creative in nature, according to their self realization of their individual identity, connected to a non controllable purpose. Each thing is an identity of purpose and value in nature, with greater possibilities in Creation, beyond ultimate knowing or predictability.

Personal Creative Authority in Nature

People gain creative sovereignty in nature, through realization of potentialities, connecting them to all identities, (things) in Creation, and nature, animal, vegetable and mineral. The nature of our species is to identify all identities of Being in Creation, and create new possibilities of Being, beginning with ourselves and each other through interconnected social orders of agreement in creativity and enterprise.

Laws Governing Action In Social Order

loner-article-cover-1.png?fit=853%2C480&ssl=1Creation is a dualistic, active principle,  a continuum of Unknown dimensions, in which extremes of mutational possibility are explored and made manifest in nature. Or in cosmological terms, Creation is a Principality of Being. a realm of greater Unknown Glory of Being, manifest in nature. Manifestation action. Creation is a realm of action manifest in nature.

In nature, the individual cell in an organism or person in a society is as important to the whole, as the consensus is to the organism or society. Healthy cells begin with no consensus and go to major consensus and survive when outlier cells begin to form new consensus, in times of natural unpredictable changes in the environment.

Golden Rule

The empathic natural law of action in Creation,, for People in social orders, is contained in The Golden Rule, the parables, and the Beatitudes. Many correlations can also be found in all the great beliefs and religions, including the Muslim, Upanishad’s and Sufi teachings, the Bagavad Gita, teachings of the Buddhas, ancient Egypt, etc. 

If you want to prove your ability, you must allow the other to do the same. If you desire fair treatment you must give fair treatment. Since the right outcome in any situation may not be predicted by any party it is ruled by the Unknown, each one's right to demonstrate value and purpose in a situation is protected by law. the State is allowed no interest in any case before the People, and governs the destiny of the nation according to the will and assent of the People.


The birthright of the People is sovereignty in nature through service in actions, to greater unknown possibilities in Creation and nature beyond each ones limited perception of identity. In order to prove the value and purpose of each one’s perception within the social order to be examined and viewed by others is to have the authority to act creatively in nature. The ability to exercise individual creative rights in a natural world has been tied to authority over the things naturally acquired through property rights.

Though the Charter of Medina allowed divine rights in law for many people in significant positions of society, the Magna Carta recognized in in all of the People.

A simple illustration

If one goes into an open land and finds a stick, and crafts it into a thing of purpose and value, tied to their own, it is their property to trade or use as desired. If a person has an idea for the stick, requiring the craft of others, that idea is their property as well.

If that person on that open land finds others who can farm and make bowls and other objects from the land, it is property. It is their right to secure their individual property within it, and all property in common agreement, in order for greater purpose, value and possibility to be manifest.

In the natural social order of our species, sovereignty in nature is tied to property rights, and their perceived use in service to greater unknown individual value and purpose of greater Being in Creation and in nature. 

Origins of Natural Property Rights in Law

The Magna Carta Predated By Charter of Medina; Property Rights 600 AD

The Magna Carta and Prophet Muhammad’s Charter of Medina: How are they related? As the English Charter of 1215 known as the Magna Carta commemorates its 800th birthday Frank Julian Gelli compares it to another document that precedes it by almost 600 years: the Charter of Medina Posted in Interfaith 800 years ago at Runnymede, …

The date of 1215 is significant. 

The Treaty of Jaffa was an agreement during the Crusades. It was signed on 2 September 1192 between the Muslim ruler Saladin and Richard I, King of England, shortly after the July–August 1192 Battle of Jaffa. The treaty, negotiated with the help of Balian of Ibelin, guaranteed a three-year truce between the two armies. Treaty of Jaffa – Wikipedia – IRUUR1 does not endorse or denounce this link. This is just an easy mainstream link.

The Secret History

Because of this treaty, Christian flagged nobles negotiated with Muslim flagged nobles and became familiar with Charter of Medina and the the legal underpinnings. The legal framework of divine rights of the individual contained in that charter, and King Richard's understanding of the Golden Rule as applying to all people,, plus being from England, led to a Christian application of the rights of the individual in English law.

English translation of Magna Carta – The British Library

Magna Carta | History, Summary, & Importance


Jesse Perez Casanova is an unlikely name for a leader leading a resistance movement under common law. And yet this young reported to be billionare from S. Africa is attempting to do just that.

The People's World Council - Justice For All


Jesse Casanova Steve Walker Extra Final locations just came in. They are:
College green, Bristol
Central Park, Plymouth
South Park, Oxford &
Piccadilly gardens, Manchester. If you could share these around that would amazing!
Thank you


This artwork on the left was commissioned by the City of San Francisco to be painted on the Bernal Hill Park Landmark rock. The artwork has recently been continually painted over by one or more BLM actvists. Yet the artist continues to paint the rock as approved by the People's representatives. The art has been praised and appreciated publicly for a long time without protest by anyone. 

Are the peoples rights of free expression and appreciation being violated by BLM activists?


A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity


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