Facebook Announces Right And Duty to Control Election Speech

Facebook Announces Right And Duty to Control Election Speech


In an article in Fox News online today, Facebook "people" compared the need to regulate US elections as similar to the need to regulate elections in Myramar.

The Difference Between Free Speech and Global Authority 

The unconstitutionally regulated and operated public forum, now currently a vital corporate/government media asset, Facebook, has been allowed to increase speech control through the U.S. election. The government's de-facto permission by way of silence from corporate/government leadership, indicates further tightening of controls being instituted, tolerated, and in fact welcomed by many, once free Americans.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the social media giant plans to limit the spread of viral content and lower the benchmark for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts using internal tools previously deployed in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


Supposedly the the speech control tools, would be activated in "dire circumstances"  people familiar with the matter told the Journal.
Anything they don't like that begins to gain traction, will trigger an internal adjustment, also applied to users news feeds

"Deployed together, the tools could alter what tens of millions of Americans see when they log onto the platform, diminishing their exposure to sensationalism, incitements to violence and misinformation, said the people familiar with the measures," the Journal writes. "But slowing down the spread of popular content could suppress some good-faith political discussion, a prospect that makes some Facebook employees uneasy, some of the people said."

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told the Journal that the company has  "spent years building for safer, more secure elections,"...

But safer for who?

 Facebook censored a story from The New York Post detailing allegedly corrupt business deals by Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden

Facebook deploys aggressive measures to combat election unrest | Fox Business
Global investor media giant, Fox News, is telling the People who have been indoctrinated out of Constitutional thinking, that their sister asset may be helping to create order. That way, they argue, stupid people aren't allowed to shoot off their mouths and endanger others. It is more viral pandemic health and safety messaging, carried over into the subject of healthy safe elections to avoid violence.

Yelling Fire In a Crowded Theater

The intent to endanger life and property is the only illegal no no in Free speech. You cannot intend to incite, physical harm. If you say, let's go burn the Federal Reserve Building tonight, that is a no no. If you say, I would not lose any sleep if the Federal reserve were wiped from existence, that's OK. You can even add burned down and be just fine. 
Just don't get into time place, method, naming tactics targeting people, etc.

Regulating Incendiary Devices Controls Who Gets Burned

Facebook is not identifying existential speech threats to life and property. It is saying who can say what. Facebook often is not even clear as to why one can say one thing and another cannot. This fuels mistrust and chaos, which has been the pattern since well before the election.
For instance; The PCR testing  process under corporate/government edict has not given us an insight into what the PCR is, or how it is used in testing. But it has been used to stir fear, panic, lockdown resentment and historic increases in non CoVid-19 deaths as well as the transfer of wealth through debt, from the middle class, to the central banks.

PCR Biological Process, Now a CoVod-19 Testing Frankenstein

PCR Biology Tool Becomes Frankenstein’s Monster PCR biological, Polymerase Chain Reaction, transcriptive, Ct. testing, is now used as a CoVid-19 population, health and safety policy, and government edict map. It also has become like a Victor Frankenstein monster used to regulate our behavior, made from the invention of a modern visionary named Kary Mullis. THE … Continue readingPCR Biological Process, Now a CoVod-19 Testing Frankenstein



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